Daren Joseph

Daren Joseph

 Columbia, Maryland, USA


Eclectic and universal hits, which everyone can enjoy, best describes Daren Joseph’s music. Daren’s blended sound of drums, guitar, and piano, captivates and sticks with the audience. As a songwriter he creates memorable, timeless, and sultry lyrics, which flows from his lips and has audiences across the world mesmerized and enticed by his music. Daren is a noteworthy artist, who wants to change the world with his music and venture in a new sound for everyone’s ears, minds, and hearts.

Daren’s first performance was singing the song “Baby I’m yours” by Shai with his best friend in front of his third grade class. That performance started a fire under Daren and he knew he wanted to perform and make music for the masses to hear. Growing up, Daren would emulate his brother, author Dwayne S. Joseph, who was in a singing group and Daren wouldn’t stop singing even when his sister often joked he couldn’t sing; he would sing even louder just to prove his love and drive for music. It was during high school that Daren decided to take his dream and turn it into reality. He went to the school choir director and told her “I want to be a singer” and she immediately enrolled him in her class. This was the beginning of Daren’s musical journey and career, which would take him to a world he dreamed and believed he can and will conquer.

The love for singing brought Daren to the realization he needs to eat, sleep and breathe music to become a good songwriter and produce music, which everyone would want to hear. He enrolled in Howard University’s Musical Theatre program and learned how to play piano and guitar, which helps him to infuse different styles of music together. Daren’s knowledge of instruments and how to blend them together sets him apart from the rest; there are no limitations to what he can musically produce.

Daren is not only gifted but talented, his motto is “I don’t follow trends, I create them”, paved the way for him to produce his first song, “There It Go” (The Whistle Song) for Juelz Santana in 2005. The song was released as a single in 2006 and became a smash hit on the radio, and ended up on the Billboard Hot 100 Single Charts at number 6. Audiences around the country loved the song and thought it was original and unlike anything they ever heard. The song, “There it Go” (The Whistle Song) is still being played around the world and shows Daren’s longevity and creative style. In 2007, Daren received the ASCAP Pop Award for “There It Go” (The Whistle Song).

Recently, Daren won Producer of the Year in the 2009 Velocity Magazine Awards, which focuses on local independent talent in the DMV area. In addition, he was part of the prestigious iStandard Producers Showcase in Philadelphia, which he won and was invited participate in iStandard’s Beast of the Beats III Showcase. Daren has produced music for the NFL to be used for their Rookie Training video series; and continues to work on a number of independent projects with various up-and-coming artists.

Daren is considered by many a musical genius and continues innovating music with his originality in song writing and producing. In an industry where there are many, it takes someone special to stand apart from the crowd and be a leader and set an example. Daren Joseph is that and so much more.


Cupids Got a 44

Written By: Daren

Cupid got a 44
Red dot center
Point blank range
Kick in the door to enter
Can't be traced
You never see him coming
Til ya smacked in the face
Then its too late for running
You are P.O.L
Prisoner of Love
Its heaven and hell
And you can't get enough
It hits you like a truck
But this ain't a dream
It only gets realer

Cupid's got a 44
He's knockin' at my front door
And I don't wanna let him know
That I'm home

Turn off the lights and I hide behind the couch
I shudder when I hear him let shots ring out
One goes by my head
Another to my left
I swear it feels like I'm in the matrix
My eyes are closed shut
As tight as they can be
But when I open up
He's standing over me
With a smile on his face
And a sinister laugh
Gun in my face
He's on a warpath


He's got me locked in here
Can't find a way out
No windows, suffocating
I can't even scream out
Somebody come and rescue me
Cupid's got a hold of me

Can it be that all this time it was you?
I've spent my life searching for somebody like you..
You're the one that I've been running from
I'm so glad that you've finally come...

Watch out
Cupid's got a 44
He's gonna come to your door
There's nowhere you can go


Juelz Santana - "There It Go" a.k.a. "The Whistle Song" (Producer)

NFL - Rookie Training Video Track (Producer)

Mr. Focus - Where My Hustle Is (Jango Radio) ( Producer)

Wordsmith - The Steppers Studio (Producer)