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The Muckers

Brooklyn, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Brooklyn, NY | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Alternative Pop




"Iranian Band The Muckers Hint at a Looming Zeitgeist with “Guns”"

On the Iranian flank of social media, a name has been slowly emerging on our timelines. It’s a voice from the underground, making its way above the surface. What warrants the attention they are gaining, however, has little to do with the fact that they are a musical group from Iran. It’s simply because this band, The Muckers, is making genuinely compelling music worthy of merit and attention.

The band, founded by guitarist Emir in 2011, is fairly young, and clearly influenced by a wide array of contemporary influences ranging from punk to garage rock to indie music. Their style boasts of youth and modernity, and their music finally hints at the emergence of the long-simmering artistic zeitgeist of the new Iranian youth.

It’s invigorating to hear a group perform with this amount of vitality in a place in such dire need of it. One facet that a generation as educated, as well-informed, and as talented as the current Iranian youth is in grave need of is the precise element that The Muckers are putting on view without even a thought: movement. We are not talking about any kind of political “movement” here, but physical movement brought about by impassioned strains and melodies – dancing, head banging, or even the sedate swaying of a body. Art that motivates bodies to move and individuals to share joint, ritualized experiences in dance lay at the heart of forming widespread, collective catharsis. It is liberating, just as it is enlivening.

As significant as the influences of previous underground bands such as Hypernova and the Yellow Dogs were (and are), their effectuality gradually waned with their departures from Iran. Though they left for bigger dreams, their status as an “Iranian rock band” held them back in the vast, international sea of musical acts. What is refreshing about The Muckers is that this is an Iranian band in Iran, making music, putting on shows both underground and aboveground, and steadily garnering a fan-base that could at some point catapult them to the mainstream of everyday Iranian culture, in turn enabling their music to be at its most effective.

With all luck, this won’t be the last we’ll hear of The Muckers, or the generation of fervent musical groups they will hopefully inspire. Though they have released songs in the past and were even slated to perform at SXSW last March, this might be the first spark of a musical movement making its way toward the surface, a movement accompanied with twists, sways, and vibrant shouts. Appropriately, the track is titled Guns. - Antiquiet Magazine

"Life as an 'illegal' rock star in Iran's Islamic state"

Iran doesn't have a rock history. We need to build a rock history for Iran," says Rasoo, 22, front man for The Muckers, one of Tehran's leading rock bands.

Since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, Western-influenced music like rock'n'roll has resided in underground studios, out of earshot of the authorities enforcing the state's religious and moral rules.

Rasoo - whose moniker means The Skunk - and his bandmates want to convince their peers that being in a rock band can be perfectly in sync with modern Iranian culture.

Drawing inspiration from bands like The Strokes and Tame Impala, The Muckers formed in 2011 and were joined by Rasoo in 2012.

The group are scheduled to play their first performance abroad at the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas, on 14 March. - BBC News

"Going underground: Western music in Iran"

Western music faces tight restrictions in Iran but that has not stopped bands like Bomrani and The Muckers from making it. They are part of the underground scene; groups which play rock, blues and country music.
- Euronews

"The Muckers - Tehran rockt im untergrund"

Tehran rockt im untergrund - bild Magazine

"Iran'da rock müzikle"

Iran'da rock müzikle ugrasanlar yeralti stüdyolarinda çalisiyor - ntv


Still working on that hot first release.



The Muckers is a four-piece Rock n Roll band From Brooklyn, New York.Their music is a collage of Funk,psychedelic,Garage Rock, Inspired by Pioneering songwriters and bands like the Beatles and Micheal Jackson and more Dense and Complicated tone layering’s of The Velvet Underground and Johnny Marr. Sounds that Resemble life in big Cities like Emir’s Hometown, Tehran. Emir Moved to New York from Tehran March 2017 and he started finding new Members for The Muckers, Soon Emir’s Friend Arian Joined the band as a Bass Player and then they Met John at a show in Manhattan, the day after Emir asked John to Join the Band and Play drums, John accepted Emir’s Request and The Muckers Born again in New York. They still changing their fourth member till find a permanent guitar player for the band.

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