The Mudbugz

The Mudbugz


The Mudbugz bring danceable, hard hitting roots music directly to you. Merging Cajun French music, with its Creole influenced contemporary, Zydeco. And, by infusing R&B, rock, reggae, and country, The Mudbugz present a taste of Mardi Gras and New Orleans influenced music year round.


This band gets the pleasure of doing their jobs for several reasons beyond what most people get out of playing in a band. The Mudbugz are currently educating the north with their blend of Cajun / Zydeco influenced music. Including elements of Rock, Reggae, and Soul, a typical mudbugz performance can keep you on your feet. The sets blend of traditional and contemporary Cajun / Zydeco material that includes singing in French and the talents of their original songwriting, this band is sure to please. Acts such as Buckwheat Zydeco and Donna the Buffalo paved the way for countless music fans to experience roots music. This including some styles and instrumentation never heard in commercial music. It is The Mudbugz goals to continue the education of roots music around the country in coming years. Through near constant touring and distribution of the roots music to the masses, the band is dead set on turning people on to this unique and beautiful music.


The Mudbugz frequently rotate streaming audio on their website. Content including the self produced debut album “In the Rut” as well as live recordings. A recent addition made available to fans is the chance to purchase live Mudbugz shows. Around the New Year, The band began recording every show releasing select dates. Plans are in the future to distribute soundboard recordings minutes after the set is played. Currently the band is refining its new original material. They plan on releasing their sophomore effort later this year.

Set List

The duration of a Mudbugz performance varies for occasion. The band performs both original material influenced by Cajun and Zydeco along with traditional and contemporary covers. Typically, 30 songs in 2 hour and half sets with a half hour break. However, the band can accommodate any request for duration. Sets are generally 30 / 60 original to covers. However when performing this particular gene, any cover becomes original.