The Mudd Pimps

The Mudd Pimps


pagoda being malested by nirvana, loud fast and everything but nice.


The band met each other at the start of 2005, but the mud pimps had a diffrent line up and name , the line up was, bruce, jim, christian, sarah this n the name was muri. muri split up due to problems between the band... then bruce and jim joined another band which didnt have a name was a pretty good band the lead singer suckd tho so this band split aswell then just in the last couple of months bruce and jim wanted to start a band so they decided to get kris involved to sing... kris has been friends with the band since the start of 2005 and has been around while bruce and jim were in the otha bands none succeded tho, n kris admits he has no singing talent wat so ever but thought fuk it jus do it for a laugh like, so they went looking for a basist, none to be found anywhere, no one was interested in joining a grunge band, so they gave up looking for a while but keeping the dream alive about the band, so a few months had past and they met the almighty joe n the fair lady sarah lol so 1 night kris had a bbq and invited joe to suffer the bordom with him so they got to talking bout random stuff like the past n bands we liked n got to know each other really well n started blowing cola bottles and aerosal cans up under the bridge n while talking and having a few drinks they started talking bout making a band with 2 singers even tho both cant sing they say fuk it its fun, so now they formed a double singing act there was still somthing missing... a bassist! but sarah and kris were both saying we shud make a punk band, so kris was thinking while talking to joe that we wud change the style from metal grunge to punk-grunge, joe askd sarah to join, and sarah sed yes but after a while sarah decided she didnt want to be in the band so we were without a bassist again but no worrys luckily we found titch a very GOOD bassist n now the whole band is formed to create fun shows, loads of stage acts and to take the piss out of New shit emotional music. so hear the sound of TMP


Burried in Afterbirth EP

Smells like the mudd pimps a tribute to nirvana (coming soon)

Set List

1. Drunk

2. Im so lost

3.Eat me

4.Rape me(cover)

5. Sappy(cover)

6. Dive (cover)