The Mulanix Street Orchestra

The Mulanix Street Orchestra


The Mulanix Street Orchestra is an indie band from Missouri. They bring exuberant energy to the stage, in a style that brings a mix of everything from to Ani DiFranco to Jimmy Eat World to The National. They'll be releasing their debut album in late 2009.


The Mulanix Street Orchestra formed in October of 2008. They quickly amassed a solid catalog of songs, and began recording demos.

They began playing shows in January of 2009. Since, they have shared the stage with Dear & The Headlights, Reubens Accomplice, Miniature Tigers, and French Kicks.

In summer 2009 they have shows lined up with Viva Voce, Cut Off Your Hands, An Horse, Telekinesis, and All Get Out.

They will embark on a self-booked tour of the midwest in August 2009

In September/October 2009 they will record their debut album with Lucas Oswald, of Jagjaguwar Records' Minus Story/Hospital Ships.


Demo - 2009
LP #1 - coming late 2009

Set List

approx. 30 minutes:
Sonoma Wildfires
Granite Gardens
The Coldest November
That Weight
Coalescing Spirits
Let Those Boys Play
Songs added when needed:
Train Ghosts
Just Natural
Whiskey Song
Beautiful World