The Murder

The Murder


The Murder is a Boston-based Punk Rock 'n' Roll band that often draws comparisons to Social Distortion and The Clash | "One of our favorites" - The Weekly Dig | "An invigorating and notably well-produced slice of punk traditionalism" - The Boston Herald


Based in Boston, The Murder have established themselves as a group with a dynamic and approachable sound not often heard in the genre. Always high-energy, The Murder churn out hard hitting numbers with memorable hooks and sing-along choruses, establishing a connection with an ever growing fan base. With influences as diverse as rock, country and reggae the group is at once blazing new trails in the Boston music scene while keeping true to their punk rock roots.

Since headlining their debut show for a capacity crowd in mid-2007, The Murder have shared the stage with acts as diverse as The Koffin Kats, Superpower, Dana Colley (Ex-Morphine) and many others. Although they are a relatively new group, Vocalist and guitarist Roach McKrackin, guitarist Pat Gill, bassist Steve B and drummer Jeremy G are all veterans of other notable Boston bands.

The Murder’s self-titled debut CD hits stores June 3rd 2008, and the group will be touring in support of their release through the end of 2008. Fans of Rancid, Social Distortion and The Clash will find The Murder irresistible.


Boston Burns

Written By: Roach McKrackin

The uptown kids, they came downtown tonight (They came downtown tonight)
The riot cops were looking for a fight (For a fight, for a fight, alright)
Victoria, she won't be home tonight (Daddy’s girl ain’t coming home tonight)
As the tables turn and the fires burn in the pale blue moonlight

Hey! Boston Burns Tonight (Yeah, Boston Burns Tonight)
The cops prepare their showdown, but it ain't so black and white
Hey! Boston Burns Tonight (Yeah, Boston Burns Tonight)
For 86 years we've shed our tears, but victory is our’s tonight

I think this city lost it’s soul tonight (We sold our soul tonight)
First blood spilled out on the streets tonight (On the streets, on the streets, that’s right)
A burst of smoke was all it took tonight (Daddy’s girl ain’t coming home tonight)
A lost little girl to a cruel world; Nothing’s ever gonna be alright


Written By: Roach McKrackin

Matty didn’t wanna work anymore
Working 9 to 5 was such a bore
Life is a game and Matty knew the score
With a deck of cards under lucky stars he collected his reward

Rounders, Y’all know who you are
Eat, Sleep, Drink & Live the game in the back room at the bar
Rounders, You know who you are
Raise the bastards off the pot; Earn an easy living hard

Jason packed his bags one winter night
He left the cold of Boston for the Vegas city lights
Every now and then the money’s tight
But when the chips start to hit the felt I know he’ll be alright

Danny Boy would just play for the thrill
He got an AK, flopped a pair of bullets so he went in for the kill
He never saw the Royal Flush draw on the board
Danny’d lost his head; He was drawing dead, his bullets couldn’t beat the sword

Six Strings

Written By: Roach McKrackin

On the day I turned 13 Dad gave me my first guitar
On those lazy summer days I was king of the garage
I met my best friends, we started a band; The rats in the basement were our only fans
We learned hard lessons about life and love while I learned to play guitar

Hey x 12
This song’s for the kids that have something to say!

If you've got the music and you’ve got something to say
Pick up a mic, six strings or sticks then go and find a place to play
Your only limits are the ones that you create
Music is the key to immortality; No one can ever take that away

Ten long years, triumph and tears, will make you who you are
It appears I overcame my fears onstage in smokey bars
Just a shy kid when it all began, but life on the road made me a man
If you've got six strings and the will to sing you can spread your message far

(Six Strings, Six Strings) Held in my hand
(Six Strings, Six Strings) Gonna spread my message across the land
(Six Strings, Six Strings) Gonna take a stand
(Six Strings, Six Strings) Who needs an army when you’ve got a band

Movin' On

Written By: Roach McKrackin

10,000 miles of open road, 10,000 more to go
Turn up the radio, have one more cigarette
Everywhere I go is like I’ve been there before so it’s time to get movin’ on
Gonna leave this city and drive on to the next

I’ll keep movin' movin' movin’ movin’ on
I’ve got no particular place to go
Full tank of gas, glow of the headlights and everything just feels right
On the countless miles of barren open road

Everything I do has been done before so it’s time to find the next big thrill
We’ve done everything there ever was to do
Glow of the headlights, no end in sight, and everything just feels right
Gotta get ahead before the miles take their toll

Soldiers & Senators

Written By: Roach McKrackin

Let our soldiers be warriors, politicians stand aside
We haven’t lost a war since Vietnam, when the traitors turned the tide
War in Iraq, don’t turn your back, one more time now, boys: Ready, Set, Attack
Their propaganda machine is strong, you have to see the truth through their lies

This one’s for the warriors!
Not for the armchair generals or the senators
This one’s for the warriors!
Not for the chicken hawks, congressmen, the doves or the RINO’s

Like the Spartans, 300 strong, that stood their ground at Thermopylae
Our soldiers serve us everyday, defending our country
This nation is rife with heroes, but none of them wear a suit
Just a uniform of tan blue or green with a standard issue boot


Self-Titled EP (2008)

Boston Burns

Set List

Set times average between 30 and 45 minutes

(8 - 10 per show)

A New Solution (3:24)
Boston Burns (2:48)
C-B.S. (3:32)
Glass House (2:24)
Gravedigger (2:36)
Movin' On (2:29)
Rounders (2:51)
Six Strings (3:50)
Soldiers & Senators (2:59)
Soundclash (2:36)

(Rotated, 3 - 4 per show)

Alcohol (Gang Green)
Banned from the Pubs (Peter & The Test Tube Babies)
Because You're Young (Cock Sparrer)
Capital Radio (The Clash)
Drinking & Driving (The Business)
Police Oppression (Angelic Upstarts)
Police Story (The Partisons)
Razors in the Night (Blitz)
Riot Squad (Cock Sparrer)
Someone's Gonna Die (Blitz)
Suburban Rebels (The Business)
Take 'Em All (Cock Sparrer)