The Murdocs

The Murdocs


We are a brand new four piece who are dedicated to our crowds; making sure they have a good time. While taking music very seriously we turn our shows into parties and strive to connect with our audience. Through experience, musical proficiency, and passion, we are a show to remember.


What sets us apart from other bands is our influences and style. We are not and modern top 40 act, yet also not an unrelatable band of urban hipsters. We strive to strike a balance between our musical indulgences and our fans. The Murdocs are self produced.


No official releases to date

Set List

Five Past Ten
Radio Vernacular
If You Became Queen
History Like Ice
All in Your Head
Cover - Rich Girls - The Virgins
Cover - Have Love Will Travel - The Sonics
No Sense of Nothin'
Happy Houses
Ghost Eyes