The Musical World of John Hopkins

The Musical World of John Hopkins


My music is a mix of a variety of styles, most of which have been defined at some time or another as "pop," with further elements drawn from the orchestral realm. It makes extensive use of close harmony. You can call this music many things, but bad isn't one of them.


I've been writing music in one form or another since I was a kid. I began experimenting with multitrack recording (using multiple tape recorders) when I was a teenager, with dubious results. I have being doing home recording as a hobby for the last nine or so years; this is the first time I have shared my works in a public forum, where literally dozens of people might hear them.

The music itself is very eclectic, shifting from lush instrumental arrangements to straightforward pop compositions. There is an extensive use of vocal arranging with an ever-shifting pallet of instruments and sounds to support it. As a result, it is safe to say that the music makes extensive use of close harmony, but independent from that the genre that may support those vocalizations is difficult to articulate.


Sunlight Madness - 2012 (Self release)
Wax Apple - 2006 (Self release)