The Music Box

The Music Box

 Denver, Colorado, USA
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The Music Box is a group of talented Denver artists who are on a mission to change the rap game. The Music Box has introduced a new genre to the Colorado music scene, which we have titled "Dubhop"- dubstep beats with a hip hop vibe.


Music Box Productions represents a movement, whose goal is to unite the Denver/Boulder area through music and a central theme. Producing music that appeals to all audiences from young kids to adults is what Music Box artists strive to attain by incorporating a variety of genres in each track. It is this central theme that the Music Box uses to drive and influence those who may not always be familiar with a particular song, but can relate to it because of the different dynamics that are incorporated in our music.

Unlike most hip hop shows, our shows are always well planned, rehearsed, and performed with a "Broadway" type theme to generate continuous entertainment and an unmatched stage presence. We want to push away from the prototypical hip hop show where the performance is unprofessional and therefore difficult to attract fans because they have seen it all before.

Music Box Productions currently has 12 artist: 3 singers, 9 emcees, and 2 DJ. Our wide range of talent enables us to use different combinations of our artists at the shows we put on. This leverage makes room for constant availability for venues and a high turn out at every show; "Music Box:" is a name the Colorado music community has come to recognize.

We are always looking to add more talent to the team by exploring partnerships with other local artists and companies across the board who have a similar goal in mind. Fast Entertainment, Black Rose Productions, Souls In Action Entertainment and Toxic Clothing are current partners with Music Box, which all give a unique dynamic to both the music and furthering the expansion of our target market.


D Levy and Blind Muse, are two artists in the Music Box that were recently featured on The article presents one of their latest Dubhop songs titled "The Flood", which has bee3n extremely popular in the Colorado music community. This article can be found at:

The Music Box's latest tracks can be found at: