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The Music Box

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Band Alternative Pop


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"Indie Seen"

No strangers to the Waterloo music scene, The Music Box are out touring again, bringing their eclectic sound to hungry fans. When I first met the band back in 2007, I recall them bringing an acoustic guitar, drums and a xylophone. From an interview with Kyle Taylor, it would appear that nothing has changed.
“We used to use lots of different instruments and made fairly intricate recordings,” Taylor tells me in an email interview he wrote while on the road to Ottawa. “We slowly found the sound we like, which has developed to be a simpler, more energetic approach to what we've always done. I think our band has a personality to it that we never completely had before. Someone could copy our songs, but I don't think they could copy the way we play our songs.”
For a band that’s convinced that only their influence of Cyndi Lauper could surprise interested fans, they also tell me that they’re recording with preparation of the next release next summer. “We are going to break-up in 4 years, and in 5 years, start extensive reunion tours,” Taylor jokes about the band’s future.
On tour for the rest of 2011, Taylor says the various gigging is done strategically. “We are pretty much going to tour off and on for the rest of the year,” he says, adding, “The ‘off and on’ is in relation to how desperately poor we are, and how pissed our landlords get when we don't pay rent.”

Tuesday, March 8
Ed Video, Guelph - Echo Weekly

"The Music Box Releases Full Length Record!"

Written By: Andy Clark

Waterloo, Ontario's THE MUSIC BOX is the new sound of popular human emotions. In a piss yellow ocean of forgettable, dime-a-dozen independent bands these days, with songs flavoured just as tasty, THE MUSIC BOX's newly released "Vampire Songs" shines and shines, bringing me back to the days of listening to albums over and over. The Box began as a side project in 2007 for singer/songwriter Tyler Stoddart. He enlisted bass demon Dylan F. Bravener to play with him and they recorded their first self-titled EP. They needed to find a drummer so Stoddart called up cousin Kyle Taylor to learn the drum parts and the boys found Steve Sloane, a young, handsome, and terrifying guitarist from across the city to fill out the mix. Since those days, they have written countless songs, toured over the United States and Canada and made crowds dance and sing their blood vessels. Their first full length album "Vampire Songs" was a long time in the works but has finally been released, with a gravy-laden 14~ tracks. While there's a billion bands that can release several albums with one or two good songs on each, Vampire Songs stands on its own with hook after hook after hook. THE MUSIC BOX is a band that could write the book on crafting songs (with a forward reused by Brian Wilson from 1966 no doubt). THE MUSIC BOX have the best songs around but they have one of the best live sets of any band in North America. Their album release show, recently at the famed Starlight Lounge in Waterloo, was a chaotic expression of joy. All kinds of boys and girls were sweating, dancing, and singing with each other for the entirety of THE MUSIC BOX's set. There was even some moshing and crowd surfing for more aggressive fans to vibe to. CROWD SURFING! At the Starlight... At points one could assume that they were casually at a Hatebreed concert, but it was all in good fun. THE MUSIC BOX sings the words "Time's all gone, it's all gone" on the last track of their album but in reality it's only a beautiful beginning. Keep your eyes and ears open to flip out for THE MUSIC BOX.

*Vampire songs is available for purchase at The Orange Monkey and Encore Records (in Waterloo) and online (iTunes)

- Flip Out!! Magazine


The Music Box EP (2006)
The Dead Hands EP (2008)
Live @ Trepid EP (2008)
Vampire Songs LP (2010)

Vampire Songs is in rotation on CBC Radio 3 as well as several other college stations across Canada. The album is available for download on iTunes and for streaming on the band's MySpace account as well as their CBC Radio 3 account.



The Music Box is an energetic quartet of strapping young gentlemen with University Degrees and Casual Scale Restaurant Management positions. They are influenced mainly by skateboarding, pre-1970 thrift store vinyl, Belmont Cigarettes, New York City, Doo-Wop music, and rowdy punk rock house shows. They bring heartfelt folk-pop songs to a theater near you, with style, grit, and a few broken guitar strings. The band consists of Tyler Stoddart; a front man's front man, complete with an array of borrowed, previously owned, or unpaid-for instruments, Dylan F. Bravener; a bass player for virtually every band you might think is good in the KW area, Kyle Taylor; a primal drummer with a face for Rolling Stone magazine, and Steve Sloane; an unemployed multi-instrumentalist who still lives with his parents. After forming in 2006, the band released 3 EPs over the next 3 years, two of which were released on Trepid Records (a DIY indie label based out of Waterloo. In 2010 the band released a full length record entitled "Vampire Songs" on Trepid Records as well as Flip Out!! Records (also a DIY indie label based out of Waterloo). Since its release in September 2010, "Vampire Songs" is in regular rotation on CBC Radio 3 and has charted on countless college radio stations across Canada including #1 spots on many. The band will be touring off and on for the rest of the year, and has plans for a follow-up full length expected to be released in the summer of 2011.