Amanda Bloom

Amanda Bloom


Imagine Tori Amos in the 18th Century backed by a heavier it? Now take a listen....


"An idea does not gain truth as it gains followers" (A. Bloom "Rosetta")

Amanda Bloom emerges from the depths of the Classical world to comment on the collective by fusing the beauty and power of musical order with the fury of cinematic rock and circus opera fantasy.
Classically trained on the piano from the age of three, Amanda�s created her first piano sonata at six, at seventeen Amanda�s compositions were being performed at the Sydney Opera House and by eighteen studied Opera in Florence, Italy.
�The History Of Things To Come�
Amanda Bloom�s debut album was written and recorded by herself at home from her bedroom which allowed her the freedom to push artistic and political boundaries.
Amanda Bloom�s music is terrifying yet beautiful. Tragic but Romantic. Haunting but fearless.

�An amazing voice, a brilliant talent on the piano, and a focus on nothing less than perfection... I predict Amanda will be a huge star.�
Rational Responders M Radio USA

�There is one word only to describe Amanda Bloom's song writing composition and lyrics; Genius!�
Bleeding Edge Podcast, Australia



Written By: Amanda Bloom

**Rosetta is a metaphor for Truth**

La verita rivela
(*the truth reveals itself)

She made the news today
And nothing will be the same
You're never the same again
When you've seen that far

She touched a few today
No need to believe again
The future will be here when
One voice is made

Hear the voices of forever
Remember you're not alone
Fear how soon they will forget her
Rosetta you're not unknown anymore

She spent forty days
and nights in the pouring rain
Divided but not in vain
Can you hear her now?
She wants you, my friend
To fall into pieces
To learn an idea does not gain Truth
As it gains followers

Hear the silence and remember
The measure of a man is known
Know we are what we endeavour
You're coming home
We will never know
You will have the face of an angel
Though you stand in the face of God

Scream your name in the wake of illusion
Scream your name in the face of God
Find your own way home
Find your way alone
Find your own way home

When these silences are broken
You've chosen to find your own way
When the voice within has spoken
Unbroken Everything will fall away
Know your choices are forever
Find the Truth
On your own.

THE END!!!! ;)


Written By: Amanda Bloom


Your Black and White

deny the "God" in Colour

Use "The Word" while She is crying out to you....

You know the Lines

But you escape their meaning

Take your orders back cos you're a sinner too...

Verse 2

You pray for Good

For goodness ('s)sake stop praying

Judge yourself until there's nothing left of you

You were afraid but now you fear your mother

Face the light we want to see the God in YOU.


When you mistook your vow as pious

Did you leave your pain in the dark

I call your name but you hide behind God

Who do you hide from now?

Verse 3

Your duty is done

The light begins to flicker

All your faith won't change the fate awaiting you

Your mother cries

A mother's sickened pride

Waste the life that "She" so kindly gave to you


When you mistook your vow self-riteous

Did you think you'de die in the dark?

One and the same but you kill for your "God"

Who do you kill for now?

Verse 4

You wear it well; the shame of being a woman

Hide the grace dare not embrace for fear of HIM

Your daughter cries

but you no longer know Her

How you can condone his unenlightened sin


When you mistook your veil as pious

Did you see him there in the Dark?

Suffer the shame suffer all that is done

Woman without a Sound........"

Beautiful Beautiful

Written By: Amanda Bloom

Beautiful Beautiful
Lay me to sleep
Teach me a dream that I'll learn how to keep
You held my hand and you begged me to sing
Beautiful Beautiful
Here I begin.

Beautiful Beautiful
Now I can see
How I had hurt you why you had to leave
Seasons turn leaves golden brown back to green
Our love will blossom with every nights dream

I cried "God above! Tell me he's still in love
I have wasted the time that has been…"
He said "Understand, you must hold your own hand,
Trust forever your strength is within"

Beautiful Beautiful
I know you care
Lost in this distance I still feel you there
Follow the colors of petals I leave
Once more together forever we'll be.

We sang and we played
I was never afraid for the magic was effortless then
Now here in the dark I can see Love's an art
And it's memory forever will be….

Beautiful Beautiful
Turn down the sun
Pack up the moon every star one by one
Close all that's open and blind those who see
If I cannot love you
Then none else shall be.


"The History of Things to Come" Full Album released 2009

Set List

Leave Me Lightly
It Must Be the Living
The History of Things to Come
Beautiful Beautiful
My Heart My Master
All you Need...

Sets are 50 minutes long. We don't do covers.