The Music of Grayface

The Music of Grayface


The Music of Grayface exists for 3 reasons: to spiritually move, to emotionally engage, and to make sure everyone has a great time in the process.


What was once known simply as Rock-n-Roll seems to have somehow split into many subgenres. The Music of Grayface could possibly best be described as a broken down, poetry charged brand of that often fiery vintage sound.

There is a joy, albeit at times muddy and grinding, that flows from the songs and its player. And while the message both musically and lyrically speaks to the more ambitious regions of your heart and mind, the overall presentation rests somewhere in the bottom of your last drink.

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Written By: Christopher Hydinger

I like to think I know lots of words
ways to describe where I am
but when I crossed the bridge
into the land where you live
you would've thought
that I had gone blind.

You were impressed
by my appropriateness
I was struck
by your adventurous side
and I can plainly say
that on that good day
I was finally at the right place
at the right time.

With a magical love in your heart
you went out
the same way you came in
and I try not to miss
the calm of your kiss
but I'm just not built
for this sort of thing.


Currently working on an EP consisting of four films, each featuring one song.

{Footnote: The first film has been completed and was one of many wonderful works included on the DVD formatted Volume 7 of the audio quarterly 'Ball of Wax'. It is entitled, like the song that it features, 'Thetrialsofaninterstateaffair'.}

Set List

Typical length: 30-45 minutes
Number of songs: 6-9
Number of interpretations of others' songs: 0-3