The Musty Steers

The Musty Steers


The Musty Steers are a backwoods, redneck, lowdown and greasy blues-rock-folk band with a sweet and sour dipping sauce that is guaranteed to get your toes a' tapping.


Formed in the aftermath of a tragic highway accident in the heart of Saskatchewan, this quartet has only been together for two years playing their brand of blues-rock with influences ranging from the Band and the Beatles to Fu Manchu and the Queens of the Stone Age.

You see, the Steer's former bass player and vocalist extrordinare Rusty Steer was out in the pasture one day when he came acorss a piece of fence that had fallen over. Knowing Aunt May's dairy cows were on the other side Rusty wandered onto the highway. Unfortunately he was hit by the Z.Z. Top touring entourage. As bus after bus tenderized poor Rusty's babyback Ribs, Dusty and Lusty watched in horror.

In order to deal with their grief and shock, Dusty and Lusty began attending many bizarre and illegal social events. Fearing that Dusty would fall into a spiral of alchohol abuse and drug addiction, Lusty convinced him to attend a local facial hair festival.

While the festival did raise Dusty's spirts some, Lusty was only filled with jealousy for he was born without fur on his chin and a lack of adequate lip hair coverage. Little did they know that this day would change their lives forever.

As Lusty began sinking into a deep depression and Dusty a deep drunken stupor, they began creating a disturbance near the Sideburns exhibit. Fortunately the Law stepped in before anyone was harmed.

Sherrif Wyatt Steer and his sidekick Byron 'Prime Rib' Steer arrived to break up the scene just in time to witness a musical catastrophe. Dusty and Lusty were performing 'Save a horse ride a cowboy' semi-nude with Dusty on lead Jaw harp and Lusty on Washboard when Wyatt and Byron saw it was time to step in. It only took two verses and one chorus of 'The Weight' and Lusty and Dusty knew they had been saved. The offer was immediately extended for Wyatt and Byron to join the band which they accepted graciously.

So Ladies and Gentleman give a warm welcome to the newest incarnation of the Musty Steers. We're taking on all comers and leaving no man, woman or child behind on our quest for rock justice. Make no Mistake, WE ARE COMING TO YOUR TOWN WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!!!


Currently working on first LP to be released independently by summer '07.

Several demo versions of our songs can be found on our myspace

Set List

We are primarily an original band who like to have a little fun by playing the occasional cover. Our original songs have titles such as

Song Titles:
Intro, Home, Fever Blues, Firebird, Natalie, Feel it Groove, Vomit Inducer, Radio, Untitled, Steer Clear, 15 Dollars, Strange Light, Country Livin', Icarus, Epsilon Yes, several more in progress

While we are always learning new covers and mixing things up some of our current covers include:

The Band - The Shape I'm In
Neil Young - Cortez the Killer
Z.Z. Top - Lagrange
Allman Brothers - Midnight Rider
Waylon Jennings - I don't think Hank Done it this way