The MüVs

The MüVs


Infectious, brilliant songwriting wrapped up in wild, bluesy rock ‘n roll. The MüVs are stomping, dance floor fillers and serial heartbreakers. Probably the best unsigned band in London.


The MüVs [moves] are all about the songs. A brash, raucous and charming London band whose sharp tunes, sharp suits and twisted pop culture lyrics have grabbed an audience wild with excitement for songs they can sing along to while they get their boogie on. Often described as The Stones meets The Streets, The MüVs are a blues, jazz and rock ‘n roll band bent on exposing the quirks of modern life. From Chavs to texts, from love to loss, these are songs to make you laugh or maybe cry…but you’ll definitely dance!

Manchester singer/songwriter jOnnO founded the band in 2006 after great success treading the acoustic circuit, winning a loyal fan base and industry acclaim along the way. A protégé of Nigel Martin-Smith (Take That), jOnnO fronts The MüVs with energy, passion and a rare gift for melody coupled with cheeky wit.

Winners of The British academy of songwriters prestigious 2006 award and subsequent festival highlight slots during 2007, The MüVs look set to be a massive breakthrough act for 2008 after winning over majors in the music industry.

Get set, you're about to be MüVed.


Angelina Face to Face

Written By: Jonathan Wright

Face to Face

I’m not a bad man, I’m a sad man with a mad face
and I’ve got big trouble now coming at me from such a little place.
It’s getting hard to catch a little peace round here when I just wanna
kick back with a girl and a joint on my arse with a cold beer.
I’m not a phone man, I’m a face to face man
if we gotta talk it’s gotta be face to face not
daytime, evening, weekend rates
It’s easy enough to cause an argument round here without you
Texting home on someone’s phone ‘don’t wait up tonight dear.’

Open Arms, Sweet Embrace
The mascara drips off your face

Oh Angelina
It’s getting harder to believe you
Yeah Angelina
I wish I had the hard to leave you

Now I’m at a strip club with the wife of someone’s husband
And she’s giving me it straight I can’t think why she picked this place
As I look her in the eye she puts her hand between my thighs
But before I can ask her why I’ve been escorted back outside.
Now I’m a wet man in a puddle on a street man and on
climbing to my feet I hear my telephone beep beep:
Angelina’s round the corner, yeah she’s asking me to call her but then;
I’m a face to face man
when I’m dealing with a trauma.

Open Arms, Sweet Embrace
That mascara, that Angel face

Oh Angelina
It’s getting harder to believe you
Yeah Angelina
I wish I had the heart to leave you

When I said something ‘bout big trouble, little place
well that’s because I left a message on an answerphone today.
Now I start to get the feeling that I made a big mistake and yeah
I really should’ve handled this thing
Face to Face
I’m not a bad man, I’m a dead man now you ask
all my troubles stem from tendencies to
talk to fast. It went like:
“Hi it’s Angelina, I’m not around to take your call”
I said “Hello it’s me, I love you baby. Please don’t change at all.”

Oh Angelina…

Best Friends

Written By: Jonathan Wright

Best Friends

We could’ve been best of friends
But you lied to me and then you did it again.
We had a start, a middle and an end
But you lied to me and then you did it again.

I know a girl, sex on the brain
Stops at every station like a railway train.
I told you once, nothing has changed
You lied to me and then you did it again.

I know a girl who’s mood would change
Rising and a falling like the stock exchange.
She had her chance, she tried to explain
But she lied to me and then she did it again.

For every reason, a consequence
Now she believes we’re getting back together again.
I said I love ‘till the end
But I lied to her I’m gonna do it again.

Chav Song

Written By: Jonathan Wright

Chav Song

Do you all wanna?
Find a street corner.
Let’s all get cider’d
Makes us look harder

But that wasn’t me
My society,
We don’t like Burberry
That shit frightens me

Oh what’s wrong with me
Why so sad?
A little pride in the
Union Jack. And I’m
I’m looking good in my
Baseball cap
There’s nothing wrong, there’s nothing wrong
With being friends with a Chav

Let’s all fight him he,
Doesn’t look like me
“Ah yeah sweet man, sweet”
Lets break all his teeth.

I got Tim-ber-land
I am En-ger-land.
Got my girl and we’re
Soveriegn hand in hand


Let’s all fight him he…



EP1 - The MüVs
EP2 - Everything's fine absolutely nothing to worry about

Set List

Best Friends, Divorce, Butterfingers, Hollywood, Angelina Face to Face, Jealousy, Emily, Chav Song = 35-45 minutes (depends how friendly we get with the crowd).