The Mystery Button

The Mystery Button


The Mystery Button is a Funk, Soul, Jazz, Jam, Rock band. Heart felt lyrcs and tight instrumentation create a live experience worth seeing again and again.


The Mystery Button...Funky, Soulful, Jazzy..yet able to improvise like a jam band. 4 very "tuned in"players.. The Funky Bass Grooves of Greg Rothwell. The Masterful guitar playing of Andy Greene.The Blazing Chops of Doug Holzapfel. All tied together by the solid and creative drumming/vocal styings of George Laliotis.."You really have to see this band live to apprecicate what they can do". You might hear some of your favorite songs but done in a way that makes it their own! Drawing from a plethora of influences like Motown, New Orleans Funk, Jazz, Latin, Fusion... ROCK! Make the Mystery Button a band worth seeing!


First Record due in the Fall of '07

Set List

We play a good mix of originals and covers. Our sets usually include a number of Funk/motown/Fusion covers from such artists as: Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire, John Schofield, Mike Stern, Steely Dan and many others.. The Mystery Button's Originals are creative, Funky, Lyrically sound and well composed! And the list of originals is growing..