The Mystery Fellowship

The Mystery Fellowship


The Mystery Fellowship is an original funk rock trio built on the influence of those great storytellers and rockers that have come before, but with a mission to take the music to the next level, both stylistically and in attitude. TMF is a vision in motion built on the fire of rock and roll.


The Mystery Fellowship is an original project that has been in the works for several years, and its long-awaited actualization is an answer to the current state of rock and roll and the manufactured pop that is in regular rotation these days. With a zeal for the real, and an inspiring attention to detail, The Mystery Fellowship seeks to reflect life in its art, and to extend fresh ideas upon the wings of stellar musicianship and tight group interplay and improvisation. Using exceptional songwriting and experimentation, The Mystery Fellowship brings the attitude back to modern rock and stretches its borders to encompass such musical styles as funk, blues, reggae, and hip-hop. The result is a fresh and innovative sound for the weary ears of a blasé musical landscape.


Lemon Meringue & Cocaine

Written By: The Mystery Fellowship

It was lemon meringue
and cocaine
For dinner
We stepped of the train
In the freezing rain
Feeling like sinners

Then the streets welled up and
Breathed fire like a dragon
And suddenly I realized
We could not be the ones
On the backs of the poor and abused
Were magnets
Attached to them was a rule maker
With a nice suit on

There was a golden pass
To the relapse dance
We bought the tickets
A swindlers stash
And a torrid romance
Us and the wicked

Then spring time came
And the streets where still violent
And I wondered could we be the ones
With no head of a beast in our hands
Had we gone and left the world undone

How does this go on?
Where did we go wrong?
Children have to play in these streets
In the footsteps of evil feet
They run and they run
How can this be?
Can anyone see but me?

Then I fell and hit my head
On the pavement
I slipped off and drifted into a dream
In the distance I could see the angels
As I approached I could hear them sing

Make wine
Make wine

Come now my son
For the vine will not tend itself
We have but a few short hours
Before harvest
And we are struggling at best
Blister our backs the sun if it will
We must protect the vine
We make wine for kings
And we are never ashamed
We make wine for kings
And we are never ashamed

Get what you came for

We have the power to pump
Up the pay load
We have the fire to
Burn the place down
We have the stones to
Throw on the table
What you gonna do
You gonna leave or get down

10,000 to Flight

Written By: The Mystery Fellowship

Once to find you
I ran to free myself
And wash up I did
On a sandy beach
The stars marched in uniform across the sky
They etched the Boundaries of the fighting lines
And I was left to wage war against the
Shifting sea

I went looking for a reason
Like you need a reason
To fix what’s wrong
I sorted out all the treason
Committed by the demons
That vowed to keep me strong
I cracked my head on the riddle
Ended up in the middle
It’s the beginning I was looking for

Time can bind you
Time can bring you to your knees
Make you understand what should have been
We cried when the melodies danced away
Because we had only meant to spend our days
Watching the colors of God’s breath
In the autumn wind


Written By: The Mystery Fellowship

Jezebel why are the stones
You throw so heavy
They hit me right straight in the heart
Every time
A couple of hours with you babe
Before hand sounds like plenty

But when it’s over I can’t deny
I’ve been to the center of hell but I won’t lie
I want more
Jezebel why
Jezebel why

Jezebel I
I need your sweet lips
Your kisses taste like honey every time
We’ve got ourselves quite intertwined
My destiny with you hips and thighs

But when it’s over I can’t deny
I’ve been to the center of hell but I won’t lie
I want more
Jezebel why
Jezebel why


The Mystery Fellowship is proud to announce the completion of the TMF EP in June of 2007. This has been a long anticipated release that showcases the new face of TMF and includes some very special guests that helped us break musical boundaries while redefining ourselves along the way. The record includes, virtuoso alto sax player, Benny Hill, the dynamic and convicted lyrical stylings of emcee, Fuzz Jax, and the newest addition to The Mystery Fellowship, the angelic Kathryn Engelke on vocals. The record is available in its entirety on the band website...

The track listing is as follows:

1. Intro
2. Neon Cocoon
3. Lemon Meringue & Cocaine
4. Interlude
5. Fight i
6. Hear Right Here (Stargazer)
7. Mad Monk
8. The Baptist

Set List

Depending on the club/venue, there will normally be three fulls sets at about an hour a piece. The Mystery Fellowship has a wealth of original material, and will also, depending on the scene, incorporate covers into the set. Below is a list of songs we are playing right now...


Chicken Little
Funk n’ Truth
Fight i
Lemon Meringue & Cocaine
10,000 To Flight
Mad Monk
Twisted Winged Nut
Grown Man
Mediocre Band’s Revenge
Hear Right Here (Stargazer)
Stupid Me
The Obvious
Neon Cocoon
The Baptist
Jah Love


Little Wing – Jimi Hendrix
Music - Joss Stone
Rockin’ In The Free World – Neil Young
Iron Lion Zion – Bob Marley
Lively Up Yourself - Bob Marley
Add It Up – Violent Femmes
Blister In The Sun – Violent Femmes
Digging In The Dirt – Peter Gabriel
Garden Grove - Sublime
Badfish - Sublime
I Want You (She’s So Heavy) – The Beatles
Chalkdust Torture - Phish
Sand - Phish
Jane Says – Jane’s Addiction
Home –