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""Live From The Wilderness" Review"

The Mystery Fellowship brought music lovers together for the live recording of their debut full length album "Live From The Wilderness". With new bass player Jason Boekelheide, their general sound has taken a bit of a different turn from what you heard on their original 3 song EP, but they have maintained their characteristic blend of rock, funk, and reggae.

Showcasing their expansive musical prowess throughout the recording, they demonstrate clever bass licks, great drumming musicianship, superior vocal strategies, and of course, soaring, mesmerizing guitar leads. All the while, they draw the listener in further with meaningful, soulful lyrics and skillfully crafted tunes.

If you dig B.B. King, you’ll fall right in to the bluesy feel of "Jezebel", and the somewhat 70’s funky feel of "Grown Man" among others is sure to appeal to fans of Stevie Wonder, Jimmy Hendrix, and The Doors. Fans of The Dave Matthews Band and Bob Marley will find this record most intriguing. Though their repertoire consists of a broad and diverse range of skill and will appeal to fans of many different types, they are, at the very core, a rock band who is bringing the integrity back to rock n’roll.

Sometimes the music is lively and danceable, at other times it is mellow and laid back. Sometimes the music is intense and powerful, at other times it is straight forward and simple. One thing that is definitively consistant, is that the musicianship is never compromised. A venue will do well to have The Mystery Fellowship entertain their crowd; music lovers of all types will do well to add The Mystery Fellowship to their CD collection. The Mystery Fellowship is big league material, and with their debut album "Live From The Wilderness", they have hit a home run.

Be sure to catch them live at their CD release party June 3rd at The Compound with special guest Secret Of Vessia. - What's Happening Daytona

"The Mystery Felowship Strikes Again"

What’s new in Daytona Beach? A new bar may have opened around the corner, or perhaps an old bar has some new drink specials. There may be a new art exhibit, or perhaps a new martial arts style has recently become available for study.
Photo Credit: Galen Burrows

Perhaps you have recently discovered your new favorite local band, performing their hearts out at your favorite local drinking hole. Any one of these things can be the new thing in town, but among the most sensational of all recent developments would be the arrival of a band called The Mystery Fellowship. They are doing more than bringing their own unique act to our local sands; they are in pursuit of something greater altogether.
Photo Credit: Galen Burrows

Unwilling to acquiesce to performing strictly in bars or at some one else’s event, they have decided to orchestrate their own blockbuster event. Not once, but twice now, they have taken matters into their own hands and hosted their own block party, and to remarkable results. The first was to celebrate their grand emergence to the sands of Daytona Beach. The second block party was in honor of their full length live recording, “Live From The Wilderness” which is now available. Just contact them through their official web site for info.
Photo Credit: Galen Burrows

Throughout the evening, several guest musicians made an appearance, including one of the new sensations in artistic expression, The Secret Of Vessia. Full of pure artistic fire, they captivated every listener and made sure everyone stuck around. Joining The Mystery Fellowship was a very special guest percussionist, Chico “Fingers” Harris. “Fingers” has toured the world, and performed with several prestigious artists, such as Prince. Local guitar great Mike O’Brien joined The Mystery Fellowship on guitar for their entire final set, and former bassist Sean Tillis filled in for the last two songs. Also at the close of their final set, they introduced one of their patented “secret surprises” and introduced two local rapping sensations, Bret “Sueme” Hawkins and Mike “Dunnit” MacAfee.
Photo Credit: Galen Burrows

The evening was a success, and The Mystery Fellowship, with their superior musicianship and genuine lyrics, is sure to become a great leader of the music scene wherever they go. - What's Happening Daytona

"Searching for the scene...The Mystery Fellowship chooses Charleston as musical headquarters."

It didn’t take long for The Mystery Fellowship to make its mark in Daytona Beach, Fla., and guitarist Michael Legere is planning a swift emergence in Charleston as well. The trio formed in Daytona Beach less than two years ago, and introduced themselves with a “Breakout Block Party,” that defied much of what the local music scene there had ever seen. The band was still in its infancy when it stepped out on the stage that September night, yet its roots went back to when Legere and good friend Chris Nichols had a vision of the music they wanted to make while still in high school. Legere was a drummer, but started playing guitar to enhance the songwriting he was working on with Nichols. The two eventually went separate ways, but later decided to put a band together. With the addition of Sean Tillis on bass and Andrew Shaw on drums, The Mystery Fellowship was born. Nichols now serves as manager and still writes songs with Legere. Tillis has been replaced by Jason Boekelheide, an accomplished who attended the prestigious Berklee School of Music in Boston, Mass. And the core trio is confident and ready to take their music to the masses.

“We think we have something great,” Legere told The Journal recently. “We don’t look at ourselves like we are a garage band. We look at ourselves like this is a point on our way somewhere.” The band recorded its first album, “Live From The Wilderness,” in June of last year. It was recorded in March after only six months together. The release showcases the band’s multi-faceted rock sound which is infused with elements of funk, blues and reggae, and is bolstered by uncanny improvisation.

Although the band was exploring its sound, writing music and playing live, it felt that there was something they were missing in the Florida music community. We were in a beat scene in Florida,” Legere said, adding that the audiences there wanted cover songs and weren’t receptive to the creative approach The Mystery Fellowship was taking. “One thing I learned when I was down there was that people have to put worth on music,” he said. “It has to be worth something to them. In a town where music isn’t worth anything, they don’t pay the bands, nobody cares if the band is there to begin with, and there is just no value. “In a place like Charleston, music is worth something to people,” he said, “There is an amount of value that they just agree (on), that it is worth. We need a good band. We need to pay that band because that is how you get a good band. It is just a culture…it is worth something.” Since September, when the band began making its move to the Lowcountry, it has played a couple successful shows here, Legere said. “The people in Charleston were great to us; they were really nice to us. The enjoyed the music,” he said.

The Band is currently settling in here, looking for a band house where the trio will live and rehearse, and a headquarters from which they can grow and expand as far as the music will take them. They will be playing a number of local shows, including two performances his weekend. Tonight the band will take the stage at the Kickin’ Chicken, 1171 Folly Road, and Saturday night they will play the Road House Café, 123 Ashley Ave., Folly Beach. For more information on the band, visit

by James Lee - The Journal, Thursday, January 11th, 2007, Charleston, SC

"Feeding The Fires Of A Passionate Dream"

In a land where once a dream was nearly dead, there sprung a small fountain of hope. There remained a few venues, and a few passionate individuals who held on to their vision of continuing on in their artistic ways no matter the cost. Though unseen by most, the courage of these individuals fed the dying embers of a dream for art, original music, creativity, and the belief that we can be ourselves. As they kept on, a few others saw this, and the support in favor of this realistic ideal continued in the Daytona area.

A group of musicians, called “The Mystery Fellowship” has come to Daytona Beach and set up home base. They are a band that will not give up. On Sunday, September twenty-fifth, two thousand five, they very loudly proclaimed that they are here, at their first show in Daytona Beach, the Breakout Block Party. On the corner of Grandview and Fifth Avenue, they gave an encouraging show with professional presentation. Mixing pre-arranged originals with spontaneous improv that demonstrated excellent musicianship left nothing lacking and exceeded my expectations. The Mystery Fellowship is tightly knit professionalism that has come to the area at just the right time.

While nourishing the spirit with the music of The Mystery Fellowship, thirst was quenched with kegs and other beverages; hunger was satisfied with grilled food. There was plenty for everyone.

The Mystery Fellowship had set up a great stage on an elevated platform with sound system and lights. The professional photographer, Galen Burrows there. Upon the climactic resolution, a barrage of fireworks filled the night sky and proclaimed loudly, in correlation with the rest of the most eventful evening, that a new and powerful force has come to shake the Daytona area from the foundation.

Go see The Mystery Fellowship. Visit their website Keep up with them – you will not be disappointed unless you’re looking for small timers.

The Mystery Fellowship is here – feeding the blazing fires of a passionate dream.
- What's Happening Daytona

"A Powerful Vision"

The Mystery Fellowship boldly broke through the conventional ways of the Daytona area with their "Breakout Block Party" - their first show in the area, which had a large overall turnout. At a recent interview with them, my perceptions were confirmed. Their music speaks for itself and is an extension of their personalities. With a love for their craft and true personal conviction in the power of music, The Mystery Fellowship's presence in the Daytona area is reassuring for music lovers and supporters. The Mystery Fellowship has come.
Although their current form first began to take shape in March of two thousand five, the idea behind The Mystery Fellowship was first conceived over ten years ago. Their current bass player, Sean Tillis [now-previous bass player], has been with them for only two months, but guitarist Michael Legere, drummer Andrew Shaw, and manager Chris Nichols have been acquainted for several years. Flowing in and out of each other's lives as they traversed the paths of their own personal journeys, they have once again re-united as a band that shall perhaps be their most heroic effort yet.
Combining elements of funk, blues, hip-hop, reggae, and of course - rock n' roll, The Mystery Fellowship is capable of meeting all of your musical wishes. By maintaining an absolute degree of honesty in their presentation, they will exceed the expectations of many. Overall, the message of The Mystery Fellowship manifests as a danceable, climactic blend of each musician's skillful contribution. Because there is never a rhetoric moment, the ensemble never stagnates and handles clever tempo and meter changes flawlessly. The Mystery Fellowship has something for everyone, and just to be sure, they sometimes have a "secret surprise" waiting to be unleashed at just the right moment. They are definitely here to give their all - and when you hear the screams and applause erupt from the crowded venue; when you catch them in also, will know.
Manager Chris Nichols has had a key role in the fruition of The Mystery Fellowship since the beginning. After living in Costa Rica, he has returned to U.S. soil with the purpose of taking The Mystery Fellowship to the top. He has unwavering belief in the project at hand. As The Mystery Fellowship demonstrates that "the message supercedes the music," he believes they will succeed for the greater good. Though his focus is no longer on performing for himself, Chris has been a songwriter and guitarist for the last ten years. As a songwriter, he was motivated by his beliefs in how the world should be, in opposition to the "atrocities" of many of the world's difficulties. Chris can find inspiration in any style of music and any time period. "The Mystery Fellowship is a fusion of all different elements," states Chris. "In this way we hope to reconcile for a truer essence of music." He continues, "we encountered a lot of jazz when we were in Wilmington, North Carolina, and The Mystery Fellowship's approach to playing rock accentuates the expressive element of the art. There is an unspoken synergy among the band members that confirms we are doing the right thing."
On guitar and vocals is Michael Legere. You'll never hear a sour note; you'll hear a plethora of innovative approach to his soulful, expressive, rocket fueled improvisation. He has explored the way of the guitar for nine years, and finds inspiration from Phish, Pink Floyd, and too many others to name. With the understanding that music is more than sound and technical skill, Michael's vision for The Mystery Fellowship is to carry out a higher purpose than to simply perform. "It's one way to help with the betterment of society," says Mike as he explains his strategy. "Music is something everyone can grab onto, and it opens to mind to people we never meet, such as in different cultures and the different ways of life." Part of Michael's journey led him to Tulsa, Oklahoma where he studied music at Oral Roberts University and was first introduced to drummer Andrew Shaw. Michael played some drums himself in high school, and also took some time to learn about the piano. Seeing hip-hop in a philosophical light has led Mike to embrace many different ways to approach music, and the example of Bob Marley is another reminder of integrity behind the music. "We're here to give people something to believe in," declares Michael. "We're here to bring some integrity back to rock n' roll." The Mystery Fellowship is doing just that. Perhaps it is their phenomenal musicianship - or perhaps it is the phenomenal spaghetti that Michael's wife, Ryan, feeds them.
On drums and vocals, you'll hear Andrew Shaw. He's been making music all his life, having been brought up in a household of musicians. He is also currently with the band "Yummy"; however, his main focus is on The Mystery Fellowship. Andrew demonstrates an impressive combination of talent and skill with intricate ride patterns that are never intrusive to the overall groove. Si - What's Happening Daytona


The Mystery Fellowship is proud to announce the completion of the TMF EP in June of 2007. This has been a long anticipated release that showcases the new face of TMF and includes some very special guests that helped us break musical boundaries while redefining ourselves along the way. The record includes, virtuoso alto sax player, Benny Hill, the dynamic and convicted lyrical stylings of emcee, Fuzz Jax, and the newest addition to The Mystery Fellowship, the angelic Kathryn Engelke on vocals. The record is available in its entirety on the band website...

The track listing is as follows:

1. Intro
2. Neon Cocoon
3. Lemon Meringue & Cocaine
4. Interlude
5. Fight i
6. Hear Right Here (Stargazer)
7. Mad Monk
8. The Baptist


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Mystery Fellowship is an original project that has been in the works for several years, and its long-awaited actualization is an answer to the current state of rock and roll and the manufactured pop that is in regular rotation these days. With a zeal for the real, and an inspiring attention to detail, The Mystery Fellowship seeks to reflect life in its art, and to extend fresh ideas upon the wings of stellar musicianship and tight group interplay and improvisation. Using exceptional songwriting and experimentation, The Mystery Fellowship brings the attitude back to modern rock and stretches its borders to encompass such musical styles as funk, blues, reggae, and hip-hop. The result is a fresh and innovative sound for the weary ears of a blasé musical landscape.