The Mystical Arts of Tibet
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The Mystical Arts of Tibet

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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The Mystical Arts of Tibet @ Universal Light Expo

Columbus, Ohio, USA

Columbus, Ohio, USA

The Mystical Arts of Tibet @ Universal Light Expo

Columbus, Ohio, USA

Columbus, Ohio, USA

The Mystical Arts of Tibet @ The Mandala Center

Des Moines, New Mexico, USA

Des Moines, New Mexico, USA

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"...truly memorable...broke all past attendance records for our museum."

- Vidya Dehejia

"This has been the most valuable program we have presented in the last five years." - Joel Zarr

"Their presence is more than a show. It's an experience of a lifetime for both presenters and audiences alike." - Jaime Thompson

"Extraordinarily beautiful..."
"...remarkable...the music and the dance invoke sacred ecstasy..." - Press

"...the largest crowd we have ever hosted...The residency with the Tibetan monks was a perfect tie in..." - N. Norman

"...a universal expression of the human transports you." - Press

"The program is always powerful and expertly presented, and the coordination is seamless. I would recommend this group to anyone." - R.S. Kennedy

"...beautiful works, cleansing works...and very rare to see." - Press

"...successful far beyond what anyone imagined possible." - Dr. S. Paulk

"I have been told by teachers who have been here for 30 years that it was the best event we ever staged." - L. Brody


Two of the CD's by the Loseling multiphonic singers, "Sacred Tibetan Temple Music" and "Sacred Tibetan Chants", achieved Top 10 listings on the US New Age charts. Music from their CDs was featured on the Golden Globe-nominated soundtrack of the motion picture "Seven Years in Tibet".

Our chant masters' album, "Tibetan Master Chants", featuring multiphonic chanting was nominated for the 2006 Grammy Awards in the Best Traditional World Music Category.

On previous tours the monks have shared the stage with the Beastie Boys, Michael Stipe, Philip Glass, Kitaro, Paul Simon, Sheryl Crow, Patti Smith, Natalie Merchant, and many others.



The Sacred Music Sacred Dance performance and the Mandala Sand Painting live exhibition form the cornerstone of The Mystical Arts of Tibet programs. Intriguing lectures, lively workshops and demonstrations, and a captivating photo exhibit round out the experience. Whatever your programming needs, The Mystical Arts of Tibet will help you plan an event that will delight your audience.

For the past 15 years the Drepung Loseling monks have crossed the globe to offer these authentic, sacred Tibetan arts to enchanted audiences in major cities and tiny communities alike. Endorsed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and by Richard Gere, these events are part of a tradition that dates back 2,500 years. Audiences tell us repeatedly that experiencing The Mystical Arts of Tibet is entertaining, moving, inspiring and transforming. The featured highlight of numerous cultural festivals, art exhibitions, and performing arts series, these events are as relevant today as they have been in past millennia.

The Mystical Arts of Tibet is always a highly popular and much looked forward to event at universities. A good format on campus is a three to four day residency starting with a Mandala Sand Painting and ending with a Sacred Music Sacred Dance performance. Lectures and workshops, often sponsored by academic departments, reinforce the diverse cultural experience.

Cultural centers, such as the Broward Center for the Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale, FL, have enjoyed sold out houses for the Sacred Music Sacred Dance performance and rave reviews from their patrons for the Mandala Sand Painting exhibition.

Art Museums, such as the Lenz Center of Asian Culture in Lincoln, Nebraska, will find that The Mystical Arts of Tibet brings a whole new audience to their venue. The Lenz Center's presentation of these programs was recognized by the Mayor of Lincoln as "The Event of the Year".

"It is my hope that everyone witnessing these events may find in them inspiration and understanding that in some way contribute to their own inner peace."
His Holiness the Dalai Lama

"The production by the monk artists of Drepung Loseling Monastery is both highly professional and beautiful, and expresses the purity and sophistication of the Tibetan sacred performing arts. I am deeply honored to be associated with it."
Richard Gere

Due to the unique scheduling format of our multiple day events please visit our TOUR SCHEDULE at .