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The Mythmakers

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The Mythmakers are individual singer-songwriters that have combined forces to support each others' music. As a result, you never know what you'll get from one track to the next. Each song is unique and anything goes. From who sings to who plays which instrument - it varies from song to song allowing for many "happy accidents" in their music.

First up, Roxanne, the undisputed leader of this incredible group of musicians, has been writing songs since the tender age of twelve. Before moving to the DC area, Roxanne lived in Austin, Texas where she made a living as a chauffeur. Between driving bachelors to parties and brides to weddings, she performed her little ditties at various open mic nights around town and sold the occasional EP. She built a reputation for solid songwriting, infectious hooks, and captivating lyrics.

Ok, maybe "undisputed" was a bit presumptuous... or a slight exaggeration. Wait, no, who are we kidding? Our vocalist/bassist, Christopher, seems to think he's somebody special too. He's not our leader, per se, but he does boss us around a lot. A seasoned performer, he is a former member of Two Hands Shining and shoegaze band The Offering. He can play 14 instruments and his musical talent borders on genius. He thinks pretty highly of himself too. He has to buy an extra seat on airline flights for his ego. Christopher was born and raised in the DC area. He's a health nut and prides himself on drinking at least 10 bottles of water a day.

Lead guitarist, Andrew, insisted we place him at the end of our bio - something about "saving the best for last." Well, since you're the boss, Andrew, we'll write exactly what you told us to write: Andrew, a transplant from the UK and greatly influenced by Bob Mould, is perhaps the best guitarist to ever call Northern Virginia his home. A humble man, Andrew practices ceaselessly at his art, ever striving to improve upon perfection. His guitar solos have been known to bring listeners to tears. One day his humbleness will abate and we'll have to buy an extra seat on flights for his ego too. But until then, we have the ideal lead guitarist: skinny, British, energetic, imaginative, hard-working, and not addicted to pain killers.