The Nackers

The Nackers


THE NACKERS: Hiace driving, pyjama wearing Dutch Gold drinking Italian/Irish Garage Surf outfit from the notorious Ballymun flats complex in Dublin. Don’t mess with “The Nackers” cause they’ll kick your fu*king head in.


the Nacker was born in Matera (Italy) in 1975 where he didn't complete his primary school. At the time he was dreaming to become an Irish traveller, so after some experiences in the south of Italy suburbs he decided to move to Tuscany (Siena) where he played with several great bands such us EXP (members of the actual THE ULTRATWIST), The Stellars, Zot, Cabernet Voltaire etc... In 2003 he finally got the ball to move to Ireland and finally he made his dreams come true. He first went to live in Cork's city suburbs then he decided to move where the tracksuit was a must: Ballymun (Dublin). One day he got up with his huge hangover and he went to the shop down the road to buy some sousage rolls and crisps, in order to feel human again. There he saw a beautiful chick wearing a fantastic Pijamas and carrying a 6 pack Dutch Gold. Certain things don't happen everyday.. It was love at fist sight, they went straight to a local pub to celebrate their meeting. He discovered she was his neighbour so they started to record their first EP between pork rolls, cider and beer. Two other scumbags played along some of the tracks: the STELLAR and LEV THERMEN (form THE ULTRATWIST – one of the best garage band from Italy right now!) I n May 2007 PORK AND ROLL was released by the Italian indie label BUBCA records. Straight after they started to wreck pubs and venues all around the places with their furious garage punk with the addition of the two wildest musician of the Irish garage music scene: PSYCHO NURSE (Drums) and DJ UNDERTAKER from the UNDERTAKERS. They often play their set live with members of the best Dublin band like Darcy from the Revellions (Farfisa organ), etc… Here are


Pork and Roll (ep - bubca records 2007)

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