The Nadis Warriors

The Nadis Warriors

 Austin, Texas, USA

An electronic excursion through Chakra's and Dance. Using electronic rythyms and beats to re-create a musical evolution in a psychedelic landscape.


With a sound that defies genre definition, the Nadis Warriors are taking the country by storm, showcasing their unique sound and scene changing message to the masses. One of the few musical acts to perform onstage with artist Alex Grey, their eclectic mix of musical layers incorporates Tibetan singing bowls, tablas, live guitar and keys to create an electronic excursion through healing and dance.


Communal Fire Ep (4/10)
Live at Wakarusa (6/10)
Live at Nocturnal (9/10)
Shamanic Invocations Lp (10/10)
Molly, Where Did Lucy Go? Lp(10/10)

Set List

Sets can run from 45 mins to 130 mins. Never play same setlist twice.