The Naked And Famous

The Naked And Famous


Twisted pop with big guitars, bigger beats, hooks aplenty and songs to die for. The best sounding, best looking, freshest thing to come from deep south of the equator since who knows when. Glam meets shoegaze via dreamy pop and electroid elements in a collision of energy and originality.


Quite possibly the best band you’ve never heard (yet), Auckland’s The Naked And Famous won’t be a secret for too much longer. With a debut EP “This Machine” out now on Round Trip Mars (home to SJD, Phelps & Munro, James Duncan, Unitone HiFi etc) through Universal NZ, they are already further down the track than many who have been around a lot longer. The band, named after a line from a Tricky song, are based around the ferociously talented pairing of composer/control freak Thom Powers and vocal siren/lyricist Alisa Xayalith, though they operate as a 4 piece live.

Typically untypical they have worked in reverse, recording their gobsmacking debut demo, before being approached by the notoriously picky Round Trip Mars label, and subsequently taken on by Encore Management. To conclude the reversal procedure, they then enlisted appropriate band members to complete the line-up, and seconded themselves in the practice room to ensure that their live show could truly do justice to what will undoubtedly be one of the 2008’s most exciting releases and freshest debuts. Now primed and ready for gigging action, the band were chosen to play a very well received slot at The NZ Music Month Industry Party despite having less than a half dozen public performances under their belt.

The classic, unrequited love song “Serenade” has already caused much wow and flutter by debuting at an astonishing #1 (and sticking there for 4 weeks) on the Radioscope National Alternative Chart and troubling listener top tens from Dunedin to Auckland, with “Kill The Littleblackdots” following in its wake. Both of those tracks also feature on the extremely limited, highly collectable, white label 7” that was simultaneously released independently, with four other future favourites featuring on the “This Machine” EP.
Interlinked and meticulously thought out and composed No Light the 2nd EP was dropped on September 8th. Already "Part 2" has found its way to the top of the National Alt Radio Charts and initial feedback has many tastemakers rating it as a step above "This Machine". The NZOA assisted video for "Birds" is hitting screens from the 15th as the band prepare for their mini-assault on NYC in October.
The Naked And Famous are stepping out, you have been warned.

“Finally. A young New Zealand band so brilliant, so thrilling, so daring and delicious that I want to write their name in big red letters on my pencil case ..“ Grant Smithies Sunday Star Times 5/5 Stars


This Machine EP - released 5th of May 2008.
No Light EP - released 8th of September 2008.

EP Reached #9 on the IMNZ Independent Album Chart, June 2008.
Serenade from This Machine was the #1 song on the Radioscope Alt Charts for 4 weeks, meaning it was the most played song on the national student radio network for a month. It is currently picking up play from commercial radio and was recently the 9th Most Added Song across radio.

The video for Serenade was chosen by C4, NZ's most popular music channel as a Record Of The Week which meant it was the most played video with an hourly rotate, thisn is almost unheard of for a local band with a debut clip.

Kill The Litttleblackdots stuck at #2 on Radioscope Alt Charts for 3 weeks and like Serenade appeared in almost every listener voted top 10 on the student radio network across the country.

Meeting People Sucks has followed those 2 into the Radioscope Alt Top 10 for a similar period.

Set List

Part 2
Meeting People Sucks
Kill The Littleblackdots
Part 1
No Lights

1 Hour
No covers generally.