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"Student/Alt Club Feedback"

Student Press/Radio and Alternative Club Feedback

“Hilarious lyrics- great catchy tune that’s going to be a hit- it should be. Love to see them on SM:TV singing this to loads of kiddies… we’ll help to make this huge.”
Dom Rowlinson, Lakes College Radio- Workington

“Yet more infinitely catchy dude-rock, which always proves to be very popular here. Lyrics suitably hilarious…although we’ve had to make our own radio edit!”
Paul Bentley, KLC FM, West Midlands

“The first song is really energetic and really vibrant lyrics, love it! The second track was a little slower than the first but still has a real good beat. Definitely a cross between Blink 182 and Bowling for Soup.”
Dave Hill (Jemma G), CCAD

“Wake up she’s an eighteen toner” nice, I can see the link with Bowling for Soup/Blink. Will give this a few weeks on the play list to see if the DJ’s pick up on it. It made me laugh though.”
Mark Williams, Radio Warwick, Coventry

“ A cool, upbeat, catchy track that catches the pop punk sound of the moment. Should do well with more exposure.”
Music Team, LCR, Loughborough

“Great sounding pop rock outfit. Not unlike a lot of other bands but have a good sounding vocalist. Very commercial catchy songs.” The Axe, Boston.

“Quite an enjoyable slice of pop punk rock that’s growing in popularity with every spin. Perfect for the mid week student nights. Works well next to Blink 182 and Bowling for Soup.” Cookie Club, Nottingham

“They look great and have come up with a punk single that is funny and very catchy and has a killer chorus. One to appeal to the younger members and for them it’s been very well received.” Happy Thursdays, Romford.

“Really good power pop tune, rockin’.” Blast off, Wolves.

“A tune that is about 5 times better than Wheatus.” Jilly Rockworld, Manchester

“Great Lyrics, we’ve all been there!!”
Baby Blue, Glasgow

“A great little pop punk cheeky blast, mixing Busted, Green Day, Blink 182 and Wheatus.” The Waterfront, Norwich

“This is like really funny, the lyrics are a laugh.”
Mean Fiddler, London
- Various

"Extreme / If You See Kay"

The Naked Apes – Extreme/If You See Kay – Double A Side

After reaching No.9 in the UK Indie charts with Wasted, The Naked Apes are back with the mean, moody Extreme and the potential festival anthem If You see Kay, due for release on 26th July 2004 and taken from their forthcoming album.

That The Naked Apes rise is unstoppable seems impossible to deny at present and the fact they're touring non-stop again this summer makes mockery of words like 'stamina'. There's nothing like smart lyrics, clever videos and sing a long chorus or two to mobilise the great British youth - and The Naked Apes certainly have all of these...

Extreme is far edgier than the songs The Naked Apes have become synonymous with, although a little on the safe side it is still decent, smart arsed college rock.

Rock music and humour can make uncomfortable bed fellows and It would be easy to write If you See Kay off as a novelty single despite its lunatic charm if the lyrics didn’t so much implore as brand themselves indelibly on your brain.
Yes, if you see Lu she will undoubtedly be humming this tune.

This CD shows there is more to them than mere smirking. The Naked Apes have their tongues wedged firmly in their cheeks, but they are immensely appealing, musically powerful and really quite convincing.

Luisa Seacroft (US Mag) - Luisa Seacroft - US Mag

"Club/DJ Feedback - Extreme"

Student Press/Radio and Alternative Club Feedback- Extreme

”Wasted” was a big floor filler up here and the “hot” Naked Apes follow it with these corkin couple of gems. First up is the blitzin “Extreme” a real mighty fine slice of skate style punk with some nice little ska-ish breaks. Next up is the pop/rock bouncy “If you see Kay” which is very Bowling for Soup esque and going down wonderful.”
Joe Strong, Witchwood - Manchester

Which track are you playing out? Extreme

“Aah! A half decent tune!! There had to be one somewhere amongst it all. Not original by a long stretch, but at least it’s catchy and not trying to be something it’s not ”
Andy Woods, Smile Star - Manchester

Which track are you playing out? Extreme

“A very lively and fun approach to the guitar buzz pop style. Lots of fuzz and a groovy approach that comes across very well. The band have been around a while and show a UK take on drive thru bands, but with a bit more humour. All quite catchy and fun. Paul Ingleby, Waterfront - Norwich

Which track are you playing out? Extreme

“Sounds like Wheatus/Schism… er… Sum 41. One for the kids!”
Alan Day, Sabotage Rock Night - Oxford, Reading, Aylesbury, Abingdon.

“Very good track, nice pop punk rock track. Good catchy commercial sound. Would love to have the band at The Axe. Good sound from a virtually unknown band, nice one.” Malc Creasey, The Axe - Boston

Which track are you playing out? Extreme

“This is quality, cheers guys.”
Which track are you playing out? Both

“Wow, pop-punk that’s not shit, amazing.”
Keith Grant, Nexus – Southampton, Villa – Bournemouth, Brighton, Gloucester.

Which track are you playing out? Both

“Extreme – Wow this one really rings my bell. Addictive, infectious, bloody good fun! This is the sort of feel good music we’re after. The sort of band I’d travel to see perform live. If you see Kay – The sort of American Punk the kids go wild for. Really lifted the night. ”
Little Linda, RATA – Newcastle upon Tyne

Which track are you playing out? Both

“This Rocked! Not my usual flavour but this just vibrated (not Kay’s phone) with fun and a tennis racket in your hands! This deserves radio hit list status!
Zammo, Hybrid – Surbiton

Which track are you playing out? Both

“Carrying on from the humour filled parts this is a fun catchy track. They don’t sound like any other punk band. They are very commercial but get away with it with strong lyrics and a quality melody. This is having a similar reaction as Bloodhound Gang for it’s humour.
Ian Punter, Havoc Standard – Romford, Essex.

“A good fun track that’s working well on the floor.”
A. Copping, Rock City, Nottingham

“Will certainly do well with the Kids that like McFLy/Busted etc. as it’s the same but a bit more risqué.”
Lydia Butler, Club Agoraphobic/ The Verge – Hounslow

Which track are you playing out? Both

“Both upbeat funny tracks. The crowd got into Extreme and quite a few of them requested it. It’s cheesy and funny but not uncool. Played If you see Kay at end of night and was also quite a good reaction.”
Steve Clark, Corporation – Sheffield, - Hull

Which track are you playing out? Extreme
- Various

"Wasted Review"

They're naked and look, well, ‘apeish', so I guess this band needs no introduction to you regular RockSox goers. One of the only bands to actually play live at our beloved basement, ‘The Naked Apes' have just released their new single ‘Wasted'. This punk-rock trio have released a song that has lyrics like Blink 182, a sound like Green Day, yet is different in its own right. The song is also about laying a fat girl while drunk which had me in hysterics and kept me listening. A definite thumbs up and big grins.

Written by Rob McCarthy
- Scrapie

"The Greatest Bits" An Alternative Entertainment E-Zine
Copyright 2003 The Naked Apes: The Greatest Bits, By: Talon Karrde

From the moment I popped this CD into the player, I was hooked. The music itself was-and is- terrific! The Greatest Bits fits very well into today’s mainstream music tastes. In fact, some of the sounds are reminiscent of what you might find on the soundtrack to any one of the American Pie movies. If truth be told, The Naked Apes' songs are reminiscent of The Offspring, a band I have always loved for the raw, tongue-in-cheek humor found in their songs.

And the lyrics…OH MY GOD! They’re hysterical! Just take a look at some of the titles of the songs: Bumping Into Stuff, Uncomfortable Trousers, and Are We There Yet? If those titles don’t have your laughing read some of The Naked Apes lyrics:

Excerpt from Bumping Into Stuff: “I guess I will never know / Why yawns are so contagious / If household pets like T.V. / If vampires use dental floss / I guess I’ll never know…/… Sometimes I think I think too much / My head might just fall off / Then I’d run around / Bumping into stuff.”

Excerpt from Uncomfortable Trousers: “You give me uncomfortable trousers / It lasts me for hours and hours / I need to find some kind of distraction / Or build myself a trouser contraption.” And those aren’t even the funniest ones!

The songs on this album are just good clean fun…well, some aren’t so clean, but they’re fun all the same! In fact, I was so into the music and lyrics, I just had to take a look at the website. There, you can find a hilarious biography of each of the three band members, samples of their music, a music video, cool stuff to buy, and pictures of the group in concert. I do suggest you skip the Mammary Gallery, but everything else on the site is rather tongue-in-cheek and fun!

Loved this CD and can’t wait to hear more from Naked Apes! Rock on fellas! This CD’s a definite keeper!

- Talon Karrde

"Extreme Tour Feature"

The Naked Apes, the London based all-American 'Nerd Rock' band are on their way to the North Wiltshire Festival this month.

Described as 'punky superheroes in Bermuda shorts, beach towel capes and sunglasses' the pop punk trio pump out a catchy dude rock that has all the hallmarks of 'the next soundtrack to American Pie'.

With their trademark pecs, sassy lyrics and jocks mix of 'beaches, beer and babes' you can see why their live show has not only won them headline slots at festivals up and down the country but support slots with the likes of Wheatus, REEF, Athlete and [spunge].

Renowned for their cool upbeat, catchy tracks and awesome American enthusiasm The Naked Apes have not only scored a top 10 hit in the UK Indie charts, with their 2003 debut single 'Wasted', but a finals slot in the Xfm's unsigned comp.

Now on their third tour of the UK they're back promoting the UK release of their second single at the end of the month.

The double A side single features not only the potential festival anthem 'If you See Kay' but the mean (but not that mean) 'Extreme'.

Edgier than their previous single the Apes are still serving up decent smart arsed college rock albeit rock with attitude and lunatic charm.

As for the North Wiltshire Festival what can you say? With smart cheeky lyrics, punchy beats and a sing-a-long chorus it's all you need to get the great British youth up on its feet.

Before you know it you'll have ‘What can I do to impress you, what can I do to undress you?’ branded indelibly on your brain.

- BBC Wiltshire

"Fan Review - Wasted"

The naked apes rule!
I remember the naked apes when they were selling demo tapes at pub gigs. well they're still selling demos at pubs gigs but they're on their way! this is the first single from the apes and it is a god damn good single!if you've ever had the religious experience of seeing them live then you'll know wasted. I've got the original demos of the song and the difference is amazing, they've improved so much over the two years I've known them. the b-sides are pretty good too but if they ever release it get hold of a copy of the album "we've got short catchy bits" it rocks! but for the mo this single is an excellent start to any naked apes collection! the song just makes you want to dance! viva la naked apes! - DJ Peanuts

"Naughty Monkeys Feature"

Hey, hey, it's the naughty monkeys

By Rachel Wakefield

NAUGHTY boys the Naked Apes attempt to bring a bit of sauce to the charts with their new double A-side Extreme/If You See Kay to be released next month.

Their new release sounds like Busted after reading a few copies of jazz mag Club International.

But to be fair the boys describe their songs as "exposing a fantasy world of beaches, babes and beer".

Shagging is the theme of two singles - one's good, one's bad.

It's no surprise. Recently the boys singer Mikey, drummer Rusty and bassman Andy starred in the Sunday Sport with some busty beauties.

Not content to let the girls get all the attention, they stayed true to their name and needed a couple of drumsticks to hide their modesty.

Kicking off the five minute single is Extreme. It's catchy but largely forgettable as the lads fantasise about living outlandish lives, the limit of which stretches to being a Jackass stunt boy and of course shagging birds.

The second track is much better. Maybe a response to Missy Elliot's One Minute Man, the boys put up a rude defence for boys with hair triggers.

While fans of Bo Selecta will enjoy their cheeky humour with lines like "She's never going to blow me/ kisses on the dance floor/ let me in her backdoor."

Much funnier and edgier, the track takes them to ground Busted would never stray.

The Naked Apes play the Aylesbury Hop Pole on July 10 and the double A-side is released on August 2.
- Bucks Free Press


The Naked Apes music and videos have featured on the following shows;

7 Episodes of PUNK'D on MTV

SCUZZ Main Playlist


World Wakeboard Championships

Extreme Channel

Chart Show TV, The Rock Chart

Chart Show TV, The Indie Chart

Video-C Top 10 and Ones to Watch

Young, Gifted & Broke


"Live Review"

Kjunga / The Naked Apes / Mannequin – Alcatraz @ The White Swan, Portsmouth.
The Naked Apes are at this point two thirds of the way through a trawl round the country and it shows in their attitude and playing. They set up with minimal fuss, plug in and despite the disappointing turn out, deliver a set of highly original tunes full off gusto. Musically they are producing top-notch melodic poppy punk spliced with witty observations on life and play with a grin on their face. Good humour abounds throughout the set and those of us paying attention appreciate it but what they really need is a bunch of sunshine drenched girls bobbing about in front of the stage with a giant glitter ball spinning around to create the perfect atmosphere. They are the kind of band that if the NME picked up on for a day, would become massive without a doubt and their new single ‘Extreme’ really should be all over the radio during the summer. The set closes with the bass player jumping off a table in true rock fashion and you really can’t knock a band that makes that much effort for a few people. Those people that queue round the block for the latest Kerrang rated American pop punk bands really missed a treat tonight! - Grebo for Vanity Project


August 2003 - Wasted + Party Naked (indie top 10)
August 2004 - Extreme/If You See Kay (indie top 20)
2006 - Album Licensed to Radikal Records/Indecent Media for USA/Canada
2007 - Album Release (USA/Canada)

Video, Audio Clips and Downloads available at



The Naked Apes are the brain child of Mikey McCleary, a New Zealander, now living in London, UK

The songwriting began in the 1990's, at Mikey's London recording studio and, by the late 90's, Mikey was writing songs with Davo, an old school friend from New Zealand, who shared the same birthday! They would travel the world together, get drunk on the beach and write songs.

'Fantasy Girl', 'Little Nympho' and 'Life's A Beach, Then You Dive' were all written in this way.

Eventually, a band was formed, to play gigs in London but in the year 2000 the band split and Mikey had to find a new direction.

On one of their infamous writing trips, Mikey and Davo, who had been drinking beer and writing songs on a beach in Mexico, thought of a name for a new band - The Naked Apes.

Later in the evening they arrived at their cheap hotel and found only 2 books on the shelf in their room. These were The Naked Ape (by Desmond Morris) and The Bible ! They believed this was a sign, and as there was already a band called The Bible, they decided on The Naked Apes.


Since the birth of The Naked Apes, the band have been recording their own demos and producing independent videos (with Davo's help), which have appeared on MTV, Scuzz and Chart Show TV.

The Naked Apes were discovered by Hadyn Wood from UK indie label Airplay Records in June 2002, and have since toured the UK extensively, supporting the likes of Wheatus, REEF, Athlete, Fun Loving Criminals, [spunge] and Steriogram; and appeared at a variety of Extreme Sports Events, Festivals and College shows.

Their music has been featured in a variety of Films, TV Shows and DVD's, including 7 Episodes of 'PUNK'D' on MTV, 'The World Wakeboard Championships', FOX TV's 'Rebel Billionaire', UKTV's 'Secret Life of the Gym' and indie films in Japan and America.

In August 2003 and August 2004, the band released 2 limited run, independent singles to their growing fan base and scored 2 consecutive Top 20 indie chart hits in under 12 months.

Their debut album was recorded and produced by the band at Brit Row studios in London, mixed by Dan Swift (Snow Patrol) and is due for release in USA/Canada through Radikal Records/Indecent Media.

They are now writing and recording demos for their follow-up album


Mikey and Andy both lived in India

Mikey and Davo went to school together in New Zealand and share the same Birthday

Rusty and Andy are both from the UK and share the same Birthday

Mikey, Andy and Rusty all end in a 'Y'


Mikey McCleary - GUITAR + VOCALS

Born in India to New Zealand parents. Mikey went to school in India, then went back to New Zealand where he studied music and composition.
In 1992, he moved to London and worked in recording studios, engineering, producing and writing for other artists.

Favourite food : ALL OF IT
Favourite drink: Jack Daniels and Coke

Andy Shields - BASS + VOCALS

Born in Yorkshire, UK but went to school in India too! - although he didn't know Mikey at this stage. Andy played in many local bands as guitarist and vocalist and moved to London in 1994. Andy ended up in a band with Mikey's next door neighbour and being a singer songwriter in need of a studio, Andy was introduced to Mikey, who was thinking of starting a new band. Andy learned the Bass Guitar and joined the band as Bassist and backing vocalist.

Favourite food: Pizza
Favourite drink: Red Wine

Rusty Evans - DRUMS

Born and raised in Winchester, UK, Rusty has a very posh English accent and is a very nice chap. He auditioned for The Naked Apes THREE times, losing out on previous occasions to an attractive female drummer and a couple of session drummers who were all great musicians but lacked personality. Eventually it was Rusty's determination, commitment and sense of humour that secured him the job.

Favourite food: Breakfast Cereal
Favourite drink: Guinness

For More information visit the band's own web site at or email