The Naked Feel Goods

The Naked Feel Goods

 Seattle, Washington, USA

The Naked Feel Goods is part rock, funk, and blues with a big dose of soul.


Seattle, WA based The Naked Feel Goods is led by frontman, lead guitarist/vocalist and songwriter, Mike Dwyer. Although young in age, the maturity of his voice and musical compositions will surprise any first-time listener.

At 17, he traveled across the country to seek influence and find his own sound over three years' time. Going from Seattle to Miami and back and making roots where the music called him, he returned to Seattle to launch his career. The Naked Feel Goods was born and on July 31, 2010, they debuted at The Triple Door to a packed venue.

All it takes is one listen to know this band and its songwriter has something truly genius to share.


The Naked Feel Goods' debut album "Welcome to the Sun" was released on July 31, 2010 in conjunction with their concert at The Triple Door.

Set List

Modifications to be determined as we are working on new songs as we go, however, the song list off the album, Welcome to the Sun, is a good indication of the songs performed:

1. Circus Children
2. Kiss Your Att-mo-sphere
3. Naked and Feeling Good
4. Pritty Little Visions
5. Spaceman
6. Skip Stones
7. Sweet Rain
8. Travelin'
9. Welcome to the Sun