The Naked Heroes

The Naked Heroes


A two headed horny rock 'n' roll killin' machine! Blistering raw, bluesy foot stompin' boogey-woogey knocked up with some 70's style hesher riffage!


Way down south on a dusty road George Michael Jackson met Merica Moynihan.

Jackson was on the road busking street corners and playing solo shows in down and out dive bars. Meanwhile the fiery haired Moynihan and her brother were trying might and main to make it big touring the Bible Belt in the family Winnebago. Whether it was chance or the handiwork of Beelzebub himself, Jackson happened upon a state fair where the siblings Moynihan were rippin' out Eagle's covers. After their set, a smitten Jackson swaggered like a junkyard dog to the boozy-eyed lady Moynihan.

With a lick and a promise, a sweet jam session transpired and music as it was known toppled to the ground. The sweaty, two headed, horny rock and roll killing machine that rose from the fiery rubble became known as The Naked Heroes.

The Naked Heroes combined alchemy formed some of the most blistering brand of raw, bluesy foot stompin' boogey-woogey to grace the stages of Brooklyn and beyond.

The Naked Heroes live show is a celebration of the primal. It's greasy. Their gamey in your face rock 'n' roll leaves you feeling a little dirty, like you knocked up the prom queen and she wasn't even your date.


The Goonhand - single

Set List

35 minutes of ass clenching booty shakin' rock 'n' soul!