The Naked Strangers

The Naked Strangers


Lyrically rich sonic distorted poetry that finds the blood-saddled handle of some strange machine turning out something at the edge of your vision that doesn't sit easy on your understanding. Cognitive dissonance and suspected of crimes beyond the weather it inhabits.


The Naked Strangers : a four piece that has been playing together now for just over a year but even so has already supported bands such as Mumford And Sons and The Hazey Janes, playing Rockness, Belladrum and Loopallu festivals as well as a whole range of gigs across the Highlands and picking up rave reviews. They are now regularly sought out as headliners for a whole range of shows. The Strangers draw influence from a wide range of sources, from songwriters such as Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Beck, The Stone Roses, The Beta Band, The Black Keys and Radiohead, and legendary blues artists like R.L Burnside. These diverse influences create a sound that is at once experimental and rooted in the textures of electric noise with a distinct lyrical frisson similar to manhandling an octopus.


One Man Band

Written By: Matt Stockl

Climbing slowly up the tree
a self igniting effigy
with rope in hand and smoking three at a time
Playing rock n roll in bars
blind from spitting at the stars
and kicking holes in new guitars

Standing central arms out wide
and spinning round with jealous pride
to carve a niche and push away your friends

You're at the window looking out
on somewhere new but drenched in doubt
poured on by the people close to hand

And time keeps passing, we're all growing old
Your mother's sick and your friends are goimg home
And the world spins fast but you're always standing still
Oh it's a one man show but at least you're top of the bill

You're drowning in your private sea
of desperate credibility
while friends you tripped up keep on falling upwards
And when interviewed your loved ones cry
though all the tears have long since dried
and talk about respect and disappointment


And though a genius you may be
you trade compassion for belief
the son of God needs no support from doubters
Perhaps you'll be immortalised
live forever once you've died
you've never seen the need for confirmation
A small town son with criminal pride is how you're born and how you'll die, everything inbetween is merely detail
And while others strive to kiss the sky you're on a cloud, you're floating by
rain falls heavily below you


Big Black Cloud

Written By: Matt Stockl

When life is a reversal of dreams
Priorities of youth aren't as solid as they seemed
When your skin is the colour of your walls
And you're not receiving visitors or answering calls
When your make-up is laced with cracks
And your corduroys are held together with tacks
When your marriage is a private joke
Then we'll send you up to heaven in a big black smoke

Send you up to heaven in a big black smoke

When your eyes grow tired of the same four walls
And they flicker like strobes when the darkness falls
when you hurt your lovers just to have them near
When you mix your drinks with two part tears
And when your passions leave you weak and small
And there's broken glass in the old dance hall
when the cigarettes rain on the beer soaked ground
Then we'll send you up to heaven in a big black cloud

Send you up to heaven in a big black cloud

When your name is lent to an unknown man
And the strangers know you better than you think you can
when the good life meets with a foreign scent
And you're lost in a forest, and your money's spent
When you've lived as long as you think you can
And you've lost all faith in the masterplan
When you're shown your own face in the Turin shroud
Then we'll send you up to heaven in a big black cloud

Send you up to heaven in a big black cloud


We've released our first EP - Concrete Carnival - which is available to buy at shows and on our myspace site. One Man Band from the debut EP has recently been given airplay on XFM Scotland's unsigned acts.

Set List

Our sets are over an hour long and are all original compositions. By the summer '09 the set will be up to 2 hours with added new material.