The Nameless Faceless

The Nameless Faceless

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Are you amoung the thousands who realize that music today is seriously lacking? The Nameless Faceless are the answer. We will change the face of music.


Since meeting at the innocent age of 8, Stevie Leeking and Shaun O'Toole have been preparing themselves for what is now the NAMELESS FACELESS.

Although unaware at the time, their young ears and minds were being shaped through passed down tapes of the greatful dead, bob dylan, and led zeppelin.

These influences eventually led the boys to pick up guitars and form a band called SINKER, which helped form the amazing music scene floating around Peterborough Ontario in the mid 90's.

After parting ways for 5 years, Steve and Shaun began work on what was to be, an album as important and passionate as the music produced by their heroes like Sonic Youth, Steve Malkmus, Radiohead, the Beatles, and Billy Corgan.

This album became Ribbon Blue, which is an album like no other. It cannot be described, it can only be heard.

With the amazing talent of Steve Pooley (bass) and Jeremy Dalby (drums), the NAMELESS FACELESS are playing shows all around the Toronto area.

YOU NEED TO SEE THIS BAND LIVE! email us or visit , we love to hear from everybody!


-The Nameless Faceless, Ribbon Blue:
1. Welcome
2. Rythym and Thyme
3. Sleepy Smoke
4. The Real Northern Blues
5. It Saddened Me
6. We Meet With Pete
7. I Have a Mind
8. When Greatness Gets Lost
9. My Lungs are in My Mind
10. Thank You

-The Nameless Faceless, Be In (currently in process)

Set List

A typical set list would provide close to an hour of music for the most original and emotional live show in the world today.

The shows always provide a mix of intensities, from loud screaming guitars, to quiet soulful acoustic tales. Creativity is always at the forefront of our live shows, with a guarentee to hear something you've never heard before.