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London, England, United Kingdom

London, England, United Kingdom
Pop Rock




"The Nameless Girl - My New Obsession"

Now, by that title you’d expect this to be some kind of crazy post about a girl. Well, you’d nearly be correct I suppose.

I recently went to The Borderline in London to see Lauren Aquilina support Alexa Goddard. Also supporting were Lewis Watson and The Nameless Girl.

All the acts were great on the night, but none of them (Apart from Lauren) I had never heard of before. I was meant to look into them before hand but decided not to (got lazy in other words) and left it for the night.

The Nameless Girl perked my ears up straight away by being the only act on that performed as a band. Though I’d love to hear their songs acoustically one day, too.

They are a pop/rock band from Devon and Surrey who the vocalist and songwriter of the band is named Jemma Crook, who was a pleasure to meet (as were the rest of the band, too). There was also Samuel J Booth who was on the Keys, Alex Scarfe on the Guitar and Wayne Riches on the drums. At least, I presume it’s these guys that were there on the night anyhow.

I can’t remember the order of the tracks in the set, however I do remember that every track I just enjoyed and got on with it. They were perfect. Great vocals, great music. However one song that did stick out for me was ‘Bi-Polar‘, which I managed to film a bit of it mainly to remind myself to check it out when I get home.

I immediately found their SoundCloud page and took a listen to ‘Bi-Polar‘ and it’s good to see it is just as good live as on record. However one thing that does annoy me is the hard panning at the start of the track. Piano all the way left, vocal all the way right. If you wear earphones, which I do a lot when at work, this bloody hurts your head a bit at first! And if you only have the left earphone in, which I do a lot when at work, you miss out the first vocals, which shouldn’t be missed as they sound so good.
Whether that will change by the time the album is released I don’t know. I’d hope it does. But that honestly is my only low point of the whole bunch of tracks on their SoundCloud page.

I would urge anyone to check them out. Their debut album (Also named ‘Bi-Polar‘) is due to be out soon and if you get the chance to see them live you should take it and go. I know I very much look forward to hearing them again live. Birmingham, please?

You can check out 4 tracks of theirs below, taken straigh from their SoundCloud. And be sure to buy the tracks when available! - Dan Bennett

"KLFM Live Session Gig (01/08/12)"

Tonight's KLFM Live Session was probably my favourite one that I have ever been to. I don't have a bad word to say about any of the acts. Sam from 'Movements' did a cover of 'The Goo Goo Dolls - Iris' which managed to make all of my arm hairs stand on end. The Birks managed to keep me gripped with their up-beat acoustic tracks and banter with the locals. Only Young had everyone up and dancing to their ska-esk takes of classic anthems.

My highlight of the night goes to The Nameless Girl. I fear that I had my mouth wide open from start to finish, during their set. The bands very professional live sound is hard to put it a box; with synths layered over their guitars, they had a thick and almost Electro sound with piercingly beautiful female vocals and a mixture of straight and complex Kick, Hi-hat and Snare patterns that hit the audience solidly like a bat in the chest.

Overall this is a KLFM Live Session gig that is going to be hard to top. I can't wait to get home and listen to the Nameless Girls album! - KL.FM 96.7

"Watchet Music Festival"

Heading back towards the main stage, The Nameless Girl appeared from out of nowhere – sounding like The Sucker Punch Soundtrack fighting Muse before calling it a day and buying each other drinks. It was rather surreal, with the use of synths and with front woman Jemma giving an exceptional vocal performance – 4/5 - Keiths Reviews - Promoting Unheard Talent

"The Nameless Girl : New Hellfire Club Glasgow Gig 20th Oct"

The Nameless Girl is a Pop/Rock outfit who was founded in 2011 by Jemma Crook and Samuel J Booth. They have recently finished their debut album 'Bipolar', available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. And it was a real honer to have them headlining Hellfire. The beautiful jemma was gorgeous in her stage presence and you could see how much passion she had inside when she began to sing. A very uplifting melodic sound was generated and it was very much captivating to the crowd, with musical influences such as Muse, Suede, Amy Winehouse, Bjork, Queen, These guys had a unique sound with a very distinctive touch made by the lead singer jemma crook with her stunning singing voice. We at Gobo was happy to have meet the nameless girl and we hope we shall be seeing more of these guys in the near future. Please keep an eye on the Hellfire website to see a full review of all the nights events!. - Gobo Photography

"What I (remember) I Did Last Night with The Nameless Girl"

Last up on the night were a band that I have loved listening to since I first stumbled across them on my Facebook travels, they are called The Nameless Girl, and we were absolutely honored to bring them to Glasgow on a Hellfire bill. All eyes are on Lead singer Jemma as she takes to the stage in tiny shorts possibly unsuitable for the Scottish climate, and who could blame those eyes for staring? Good looks aren't what sets her above and beyond other pop rock acts on the circuit and garnered her a legion of loyal online fans though, I'm not saying the good looks didn't help, but it's that remarkably powerful and soaring voice that sets her apart from the masses, as she casually skirts through one end of the vocal range to the other like a less crazy (though just as entertaining) Bjork. We're reminded of obvious similarities with bands such as Florence And The Machine but for all out entertainment and a stage presence that will blow you away, along with excellent guitar riffs and hooks you'll be singing for weeks to come, The Nameless Girl gets my vote every day of the week and twice on Sundays. Excellent lyrics and unbelievable vocals sit well with the obvious talents of the band, and the well written songs themselves would beat the ever loving shit out of most of the tunes sitting in the charts today, and with a set like that, The Nameless Girl will be welcome back to Glasgow anytime they like. - New Hellfire Club Glasgow

"Look Out Florence And The Machine! The Nameless Girl is Here"

I’d like to draw your attention to The Nameless Girl, who will probably be a household name within the year provided she gets the right kind of push. Jemma Crook, the lead singer of this emotionally driven “bi-polar pop rock monster”, has a stunningly unique voice. Eclectic, to be sure, yet extremely catchy and something truly special. There is both knowingness and innocence in the music and they are simultaneous. I normally don’t gravitate towards pop music unless it really inspires me, and I’ve listened to “Bright Light” four times in a row here. That should tell you something.

Like a mixture of Adele, Dirty Projectors, Florence & The Machine, and Bjork infused with more mainstream pop influences, her back up vocals seem to dance around her lead, and that’s what makes her style addictive. The band is a 5-piece, and they all do a fantastic job of playing “for the song” – lots of subtle synth work and dynamic shifts uncharacteristic of a young act like this.

The Nameless Girl certainly has potential to carve a strong niche and gain more than a cult following. This is spellbinding, beautiful music coming from an honest place, yet somehow quirky and unique enough to get the hipsters on board. Don’t be surprised if you see Stereogum or Pitchfork giving The Nameless Girl a mention in the near future. - Independent


Still working on that hot first release.



Samuel J Booth and Jemma Crook met in 2010 in a Surrey recording studio where Sam was the sound engineer. They quickly started writing together and became The Nameless Girl soon after.

Their first self-published album 'Bipolar' combines Sam's dark and melancholic sound with Jem's pure vocals and a love of pop music. Their collision of influences and styles has resulted in a collection of richly layered and slick but idiosyncratic songs.

With gigs all over the UK and their first BBC radio live session under their belts, 2012 has been a particularly busy year for The Nameless Girl. In September they played in Ibiza for the official single launch of the 'Bright Light' remix (to be released by a major trance label very soon) and their track 'Tea and Cake' has been used for a TV commercial.

The Nameless Girl are endorsed by G-Shock (Casio).