the names that spell

the names that spell


The Names That Spell: a spontaneous electro-acoustic chamber orchestra that has been making avant-rock collages & polyrhythmic songs using live loops since 2000.


We went to high school together and grew up playing jazz and bebop tunes...but our favorite thing to do is invent brand spanking new styles, like off-pop, or calypsoul, or drive-by grindcore ... We've been performing for about 10 years & we've headlined some Chicago clubs.. We are our own record label, sound engineers, producers, designers, & everything... genrefull, yet genreless...


"Accumulation Strategies" (EP) - 2009
"A&R" (LP) - 2008

Set List

We have played 30min to 80min long sets, performing almost exclusively original songs.

Original Songs:
Taking a Leak
Truth is Fruit Punch
South Dakota
North Dakota
File Save
Riddle Rental
I'm the Only Girl You Know
Cat Nap
Keep It In Winkville
Super Happiness
Jugo de Naranja
Sea Cucumber
Officer, & You Could Be Officer
Bup Bup Bup
Sac Lunch
Beguile, Beguile, My Love!

Cover Songs:
Sonic Youth
Neutral Milk Hotel
Snoop Dogg
Black Heart Procession