The Nanas

The Nanas


Two women armed with keybords and vocal chords make soulful and beautifully emotional pop music.


The Nanas is a two-girl project of Dísa Hreiðarsdóttir and Nana Alfreds. The music is fragile and soft but sometimes gets to the level of relaxed R&B. The band is taking its first steps and is growing fast. Their first album will be released next year. Dísa mainly plays keyboards and Nana does the singing… but other instruments are no obstacles.


World Without Music

Written By: The Nanas

the sound of a piano
playing a simple melody
makes me start to wonder
what music means to me

imagine the world without music
it´s a bitter symphony
no chords, no riffs, no lyrics
no perfect harmony

the world woke up on a beautiful day
to find out that music had gone away
no birds appearing everytime you are near
making the lonely ones cry of fear

wondering the streets
trying hard to find a beat
working class heroes
stamping their feet
no radio, no tv, no records or a cd
no rythm is a dancer
no bumping no heat


music was taken for granted
that´s why it went away
the sex and the drugs
and the rock ´n roll
a holy mith of the musicians today
a song isn´t made in a minute
records don´t grow on trees
it takes blood, it takes effort and money
to get one song played on tv


people stop and listen to the silence that surrounds you now

Fragile Knight

Written By: The Nanas

He sits in his house of sorrow
and thinks about the life he had
he was young, had friends, he had life
but now it´s all gone away

every day is a struggle
every day is a fight
the battle of black soldiers
against the fragile knight

he wakes up every morning
constantly feeling pain
he just needs someone to talk to
and tell him that he´s not insane

the deep sea of darkness
is slowly drowning him
screaming out for a lifeboat
trying hard to swim

every day...

he is stuck like a fly
in a thick web of lies
the knight who couldn´t tell
the truth


Two songs will be on radio airplay in november or december 2007.

Set List

We usually play around ten songs and the sets are about one hour long. We sometimes play one or two covers by Ani Difranco. Here´s a list of our current songs:
Fragile Knight
I´ll Give it up
When U Did
I hate you darling
Blue Christmas
World Without Music