The Nancy Drews

The Nancy Drews


The Drews blend fuzzy guitars, wailing vocals, and pop sensibilities for a genre-defying sound that is freakishly entertaining.


"Thanks to groups like the Hot IQs and The Fray, the Denver sound is growing in a power-pop-meets-indie-rock direction, with roots reaching all the way back to the Apples in Stereo (still the best band to come out of Denver), Today's acts, like up-and-comers The Nancy Drews, eschew the Apples' candy-pop for something edgier and slightly under-produced, i.e. clear vocals, pleasant harmonies, plenty of fuzz on the guitars and simple, elegant melodies. Plus, they have a cool, catchy name. This is a band that could easily make a leap with the right producer. Catch them while they're still the best bargain on the Front Range at five bucks a ticket."


Fridge Full of Food LP (2006)

Set List

I'm Without U
Evolution (new)
The Door (new)
Injustice (new)
Spanish Song
Fridge Full of Food
Touch My Tooter (Ween cover)
Darkness (new)
The Grobe (Ween cover)

Typical set: 45 mins