The Naptown Amplifier Co.

The Naptown Amplifier Co.


Pixies meets Replacements in a drunken back-alley brawl.


Maggie and I formed our first band about ten years ago in college in Indiana. We were a really trashy, no-account punk band. That band lasted all of six months, but from then on we have spent much of our time together in and out of bands. From Indiana we criss-crossed the country looking to form bands that would stick, from Boston to St. Louis to Seattle. In 1999 we made our way to Austin, TX. We formed The Naptown Amplifier Co. in 2000 as a 4-track recording project, having grown tired of trying to put together bands that always failed. In 2001 we self-released our first full-length CD "The Indiana Waltz". We sent it out to college radio and much to our surprise it began charting in the top 10 at college radio stations all over the country. We decided to give the band thing one more try and we added a drummer. Lo and behold, it stuck. Since then, Naptown have played in clubs all over Texas and America. We’ve recorded in fits and starts and gone through 4 drummers. In 2005 we finally finished recording our next full-length CD, "Captain Ahab's Graveside Seafood Stand" produced by Andy Sharp at Music Lane Studio, Austin, TX. To be released sometime in May or June of 2005. We hope to find someone to release our record this summer and we plan to tour soon after.


The Naptown Amplifier Co. 7" Single Fat Max Records FMXS-001
The Inidiana Waltz CD Full Length Fat Max Records FMXCD-002 The Indiana Waltz was added to over 100 College Radio Stations and was on top-30 playlists for more than 40 stations.

Set List

45-100 Minutes. All originals.