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The Naptural

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The Naptural a fusion Hip-Hop artist that mixes different genre's of music to make his own original blend..By incoporating style's ranging from:DnB,Hip-Hop,Jazz,Alt Rock.. He's sure to hit you with a cutting edge/provacative/original/futuristic track only The Naptural can deliver..Cheer's


The Naptural is a fusion Hip-Hop artist..That started out dancing in different crew's in Denver Co. And quickly moved up the rank's & a few year's later found himself being one of the founding member's of a R&B/Hip-Hop group called T.O.U.C.H (def) Taste Of Unique & Creative Harmony..In Which he honed his singing & songwriting skill's & after 2-year's they bacame 1 of the more popular group's in the area & started opening up for some top-billing artist like: Jade.Shai,Swv,Intro,The Pharcyde,Men at Large,Black Sheep,Young Black Teenager's,Digable Planet's & The Boogie Monster's just to name a few..So while slowly developing into the solo artist's he is today he was introduced to the world of Drum n Bass after moving to Georgia..And quickly became a respected MC & started sharing the stage with some heavy hitter's in the game like: Deisil Boy,AK-1200,Baby Ann,Dara,Soul Slinger & TC Islam 2 cat's like Ice-T,Dela Soul,Slick Rick & Dj Easy Rock & Rob Base..So now he's on to his new venture starting & operating his own label NRE/Loudhouse record's & there main focus is introducing the world 2 fusion in all aspect's of music from Metal 2 Hip-Hop
they've got something for you..So be on the look-out for future project's from this camp what ever it is they hit you with trust me it will be hot..So if your looking for someone who's got attitude,the style w/vision & who's ready to go im your man so holla at me peace..The Naptural


The Naptural will be releasing his debut EP "Timber" alongside with his 1st single "hey girl.." which is a perfect summer song it's sexy it's dedicated to the ladie's & it make's you want to dance..Will most (def) be a club banger & is already getting airplay in the mid & westcoast..And this will be followed up by the release of "Timber" the LP next year in 2006..

Set List

My set list vary's from show to show depending on the event or my mood the type of crowd..But either way it will be high energy show if you like the EP you'll enjoy the show..