The Nasty Clan

The Nasty Clan


Great melodies, heart-felt lyrics and tastefully-employed instrumental-virtuosity--imagine My Morning Jacket, Kings of Leon and Okkervil River all wrapped up in a flour tortilla and doused with Valentina hot sauce.


Consider it an experiment in modern musical mutation. Take a handful of Hudsons (best known as one of Austin's elite folk bands), mix in a few friends with their own instrumental inclinations, throw them into a cabin in the Texas Hill Country, and let simmer for one month. What do you get? An undeniably rougher, rockier, and completely addictive reincarnation the world will know from here on out as The Nasty Clan.

So what in the world causes a successful, wholesome, all-American band to want to change its tune? Whether a collective quarter-life crisis or the as-yet unanswered call of their inner rock 'n' roll wild, Hudson Mueller and Brian Hudson decided to dip their toes in rockier waters to discover a sensation that would change their musical vernacular forever.

Joining Brian and Hudson on their hard-rock quest is childhood friend, Kivett Bednar, educating The NC's melodic racket with his Berklee College of Music degree. They also recruited veteran bassist, James Willis (who also tours with Texas country sweetheart, Sunny Sweeney) and drummer Mark Evans to round out their quintet. Together, the men of the Nasty Clan create introspective lyricism and easy-going pop-rock hooks driven by influences spanning from Elliot Smith and Paul Simon to the Shins and Spoon.

And while the original Hudsons group stayed true to its folksy heritage, sharing the musical workload in a commune-like harmony, the Nasty Clan pulls no punches harnessing each member's talents, which collide in a super-fusion of raw talent and upbeat rhythms.

I want to create a lasting legacy, says Brian. Some bands generate truckloads of buzz, but no one will ever remember them because their songs have no heart. We want to create music that stands up against the winds of time.

So while some tried and true Hudsons fans might be initially scratching their heads at this new endeavor, The Nasty Clan is primed and ready to make their way in the brave new world of rock. With the goal of reinventing themselves already complete, they now face a more lofty challenge: reinventing rock.

"The goal is pretty simple," says Brian. "We take sensitive melodic songs, and then rock the shit out of them."


Debut EP -- To be released Jan. 22, 2009 at The Mohawk in Austin, TX 11:00pm

Set List

Walking Shoes
After the Fall
Golden Curls
Ditty #2
Must be bout my Business
Shot in the Dark
Wouldn't it Be Nice (Beach Boys)
The Shield
A Picture of You
Never Change
Wouldn't It Be Nice - Beach Boys