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The Nastys @ Ground Sphere

Allegan, Michigan, USA

Allegan, Michigan, USA

The Nastys @ The Melody Inn

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

The Nastys @ Rubbles

Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, USA

Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


The Nastys
Good Time Gone Bad...

The Nastys have put together yet another killer disc for their fans.

This time with 5 members; Dave Jade, Chad Cherry, Joey Menace, Danny Smash, and Wurm.

The CD, though only 6 songs long, is full of sheer Nastys non-stop rock power.

Must I continue asking why these guys haven't been signed to some major label yet?

Anyway, help them on their way to stardom by buying this disc and learning the songs so you can sing along at their shows, like I do!

You can check out for more info.
--Yvonne Glasgow - Music Revue Magazine

The Nastys were, as their name implies, pretty nasty. All New York Dolls flamboyance and flash with a healthy load of later NYC attitude, The Nastys were rude, crude and in your face. Midway through their set the lead singer starts taunting the crowd “its way past your bedtime, maybe you oughta go home and get some sleep.” Of course no one took him up on his offer.

-- Jeff Napier --
- Indianapolis Music.Net

Do you like myself hunger for the days when bands such as Faster Pussycat and Junkyard were paying their dues in every rock ’n roll joint imaginable across the good old US of A? Well, then sit up and take notice of Michigan’s very own The Nastys. Formed as a reaction to the unimaginative and monotonous local music scene, this five some serves up a collection of songs that are sure to get thumbs up from anyone that likes a mixture of sleaze and glam with the punky attitude of the New York Dolls. The sound quality of their newest EP “Good Time Gone Bad” is far from perfect but since this kind of music wasn’t meant to be slick and polished, it only adds to the charm of the whole affair. More info on this bunch of rock ’n roll outlaws can be found at

- Rock Report (Belguim)

First off, I gotta commend the fellas on the accurate title, since every good time I’ve ever had went bad at some point. That’s how you know they were good in the first place. Secondly, holy fuckin’ rock n’ roll, does this horny little bitch smoke. The Nastys are from…well, I can’t figure that out. I think Grand Rapids, but they sound like they just got spewed up from the bowels of Hollywood, or New York, or Stockholm – anywhere with an endless supply of danger, drugs, and top-shelf pussy, really. I’ve read around, and there’s lotsa loose talk from the ‘rock press’ about the Nastys sound – shit about the Stooges and the New York Dolls – but don’t be fooled. This is not some Revolution Motherfucker revivalist band, this is pure high-flying, virgin killing sleaze in the pink, throbbing vein of the Golden Gods, Buckcherry, and Crystal Pistol. Toss in some glammy flourishes – handclaps, bootstomps, swivel-hips and pouting lips – and 17 Marshall stacks worth of excessive flash metal guitars, and you’ve got the relentless teenage kicks of “Good Times Gone Bad”. 6 songs, no ballads, all uppercuts designed to leave you sweat-soaked and satisfied. And they will. - Sleazegrinder

The Nastys are a fresh, new American rock n’ roll band that was originally formed in 2001 by Danny Smash, Joey Menace and Mick Nasty, as a reaction to the unimaginative and monotonous Grand Rapids, Michigan music scene that had been very stagnate since the mid-90’s, as the band claims. If this is true then they would really turn upside down and awaken the whole city and scene of Michigan ! The guys play loud, nasty and dirty hard rock n’ roll music and they have the attitude and the glam/poser look that bands used to have in the late 80’s. Well I like this combination and I can tell that this band has a lot more to give us in the future. The new E.P. of the band contains six rock n’ roll dynamites that are gonna shake you for good! Just listen to “She Loves The Money”, “Nobody Rides For Free”, “F.W.W.” and “It’s Only Blood” and I bet that you will get this E.P. right afterwards! The Nastys are a good young hard rock band and it’s really weird that no label has signed them yet. But I do not worry ‘cause I’m sure that these guys will make it in the end. If you like party rock n’ roll music then check out these guys ‘cause they truly rock!!

by Thanos Aggelakis - Grande Rock(Greece)

Not too many bands out there today are putting out
straight ahead balls out bad ass attitude rock and
roll albums. Until now that is! 'Good Time Gone Bad'
the built for speed ball bustin' debut from Michigan
based rockers, The Nastys, serves it up loud and nasty
just like rock and roll music is supposed to sound.
Just straight ahead rock and roll in the vein of
AC/DC, Aerosmith with a serious dose of Sex Pistol
angst. Musically 'Good Time Gone Bad' is bold and
muscular. But it's obvious that The Nastys have
enough talent as songwriters and players to be around
for a very long time to come. These guys have
everything necessary to become a truly great rock
band: killer drums, awesome guitar riffs, and an
outstanding lead singer. Just riffs, riffs, and more
riffs. They just simply don't make albums this good
anymore. The Nastys are on to something and I'm glad I
got in on the ground floor. If you like no-frills
rock, get your hands on this CD and crank it for all
it's worth. The Nastys clearly have their own sound,
and they own it. All six songs on 'Good Time Gone Bad'
are pure fuel injected rockers that will knock you on
your ass! If there is any musical taste left in
America, this band is a soon to be legend. I strongly
recommend 'Good Time Gone Band' to ANYONE, even those
who aren't usually into hardrock/metal. I promise, you
won't be disappointed. - Tony Sison, ALL ACCESS

Highly Recommended

Tony Sison - All Access Magazine

The NASTYS "demo".
(Official Website)
Native of West Michigan (a territory which first doesn't sound too much inclined to enjoy the performances of the local rock bands), The NASTYS offer us 6 new songs being the result of the collaboration between Chad (vocals), Danny (drums), Joey (bass) and their two new accomplices. The band which is around since more than 3 years already have 2 Eps and can pride themselves on having Brent Muscat as a producer on 3 songs on "Old Wine, New Bottle", their second CD. As a logical following of their previous recordings in which the AC/DC influence seemed obvious, we can still feel a strong Australian blow in these new songs, but as usual too, The NASTYS let their glam sensibility express itself to offer us some music reminding me of KIX, JUNKYARD or even GUNS N'ROSES at times. However, the comparison with GLORIOUS BANKROBBERS (old Swedish glory that also used to give piquancy to their covers with young beauties dressed in short clothes) seems to be the most appropriate to me. If they manage to catch the attention of a record company, there's no doubt that you will hear from this quintet from Grand Rapids in the next months and years.

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- Veglamzine(FRance)

Sponge, The Nastys, and The Kingsnakes
Club Soda 3/27/04

The Nastys played a flawless, crowd pleasing set which included "Here we Go Down", Faster Pussycats "Bathroom Wall", and an encore dedicated to AC/DC covers which left the crowd begging for more. Next up was the revolution from our own backyard, (Detroit) The Kingsnakes. These guys play a 70's influenced rock/blues mix which has definitly been shaped by that classic Detroit sound. Sponge was next. Most of the crowd was definitly into it, but for me good music has to be believable, and I just wasn't buying anything these guys were selling. The opening bands definitly made this show worth the $15 at the door.--Andrew Erdmans - Recoil Magazine

The Nastys
Old wine, New Bottle
Grand Rapids
This sophmore effort from Grand Rapid's Glam Rock pack leaders is full of cocky, dare I say 'Nasty' tunes. Six songs lavished with Chad Cherry's hot, steamy vocals will have all the girls umm....I dont think I can say that in print. With songs like ' Sex Games' and 'Cream In My Jeans' you'll know what to expect from these rock n' roll stars.
Just a note about the making of this CD: It was produced by Brent Muscat (Faster Pussycat) and Dave Moreno (Earshot). There is nothing or no one more kick ass Rock n' Roll in this town than the Nasty's.
-Yvonne Glasgow - Music Revue

The Nastys
Intersection Grand Rapids
Feb. 28th
What can I say? The absolute BEST thing that could happen to the stale music scene in this town is a real-life Glam band. Im talking makeup, shiny pants, attitude from hell- all that and good music, too. Making their debut atop the mammoth new stage at the Intersection, The Nastys stomped throught a joyous 45 minute set that brought an otherwise lifeless crowd to their feet. Fashion meets punk rock usually spells disaster musically, but The Nastys avoid this with well chosen covers, quality original material, and a startlingly powerful stage presence - these guys play like they're already rock gods. You know you're on to something when "I Wanna Be Yer Dog" by Iggy and The Stooges follows The Ramones "Too Tough To Die" and a little later your hearing that "Do You Love Me"
song from Dirty Dancing, and it all fits together. THEN to top it all off you get to witness a classic meltdown, courtesyof lead singer/guitarist Mick Nastys, which results in a premature finish as well as the near destruction of drummer Danny Smash's kit. You look stage left and bassist Joey Menace is receiving a beer bath courtesy of the punkers in the first row - they are spitting it on him - he grins and plays on....-Andrew Watson - Music Review


We have released three EPs:
Shameless Self Promotion 2002
Old Wine, New Bottle 2004
Good Time Gone Bad 2005

We have had local airplay on WGRD(Grand Rapids), WIDR(Kalamazoo), 101.5 The Banana(Flint), Steel 93 Internet Radio (New Jersey), Radio Antenna 2(Italy)


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Nastys were born in 2001 out of a reaction to the monotonous, cynical, angry, selfish, individualistic, overly pretentious alternative rock music scene of the late 90s and early 2000's. We were looking for something different -- something new and refreshing. Every new scene is an opposite reaction to the old, and that's what we are. Our influences are Rock and Roll the way it was made to be played.
The Intersection(Grand Rapids), Ten Bells (Grand Rapids), Club Soda(Kalamazoo), Macs Bar(Lansing), The Temple Club(Lansing), The Emerald Theater (Detroit), The Belmont Bar (Detroit), The New Way(Detroit), Magic Stick(Detroit), Smalls(Detroit), Elbow Room(Ypsilanti), The Blind Pig(Ann Arbor), The Bottle Rocket(Toledo), High Five(Columbus OH), The Orbit Room(Grand Rapids), The Machine Shop(Flint), Rubbles(Mt. Pleasant), The Elbo Room(Chicago), Cheers Bar(South Bend), The Alley Cat(2004 Midwest Music Summit, Indianapolis) The Melody Inn (2005 Midwest Music Summit, Indy)
Opened for: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Dave Breakie Experience(three members of GWAR), Harlow(VH-1 bands on the run), Trash Brats, Mustard Plug, Faster Pussycat, LA Guns, John Sinclair(MC5), Saliva, Kill Hannah, Sponge, Silvertide, The Tubes, and TSAR. Winners of the 2004 World Series of Rock at the Club Soda(out of 110 bands), Participant in the 2004 & 2005 Midwest Music Summit.