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The Nasty Souls is a five-man Rock n’ Roll band whose very essence epitomizes the swagger of the 70’s. Indulging audiences with the inspiration of rock, blues, and southern soul. This All-American California band reconnects us to rhythm and rhyme filling us with a universal groove.
The Nasty Souls inception came in 2008 when remarkably talented lead guitarist Matty D. noticed Dustin James (Guitars) and Jeff Turpin (Bass) at a show! They were actually performing for a different band at the time but Matty was so intrigued and impressed by their creativity and musical talents that he knew they needed to create a band together. They all quickly connected through their life struggles and their sacrifice for the love of music. From living in cars to working tedious tele-marketing jobs they knew that their musical dream was worth the fight. With these three connecting like brothers the groove, the soul, and the nasty all came together to lay the ground work of the brilliance you can hear today.
It took about two years until they found their frontman, Brett Hellings, Matty describes his first encounter with brett, “he had such a presence that no one could deny, but then when he opened his mouth and I heard such a soulful voice, I couldn’t believe my ears. I didn’t even know people still sang like that.” Brett and Matty instantly hit it off and the two knew they had musical chemistry that was undeniable. This is certainly anything but exaggerated as you hear the songs on their upcoming record “Sittin’ on Gold”. Brett has claimed that ” I had found my musicial partner in Matty, it was just right, it was like magic.” The four members of the band all came together and after the first practice the boys knew they were seriously “Sittin’ on Gold”! And that ain’t no lie, these boys are ready to show the world that Rock N’ Roll is still Alive!
Good fortune recently presented itself to the souls when Dustin and Turpin discovered Luis Herrera at a show. They had been struggling to find a down and dirty rock n’ roll drummer and for 8 months they had sacrificed their sound with drummers that just did not fit the group. However, after the first meeting and practice Luis surprised the group with just how perfect he was for them, With the image, the style, and the groove that was Nasty enough for the Souls he quickly became the fifth member of the band!
Presently this five-man Rock n’ Roll band has been Headlining in venues all over Hollywood, Ca and quickly has become one of the most popular local bands in Los Angeles! And, the demand for their debut album “Sittin’ On Gold” has grown vastly!