The Natalie Fight

The Natalie Fight


Rock And Roll. The Way It Should Be. No Bullshit. Ten Strings. Four Drums. Three Microphones. One Hell Of A Good Time. Check Us Out. If You Know What Good Music Is, You Will Not Be Disappointed.


Starting in the spring of 2003, The Natalie Fight has been making a name for themselves both locally and nationally with our own brand of what we like to call Rock and Roll. With three east coast, two mid-west and one California tour under our belts thus far, as well as a 52 date east coast/mid-west tour starting this May and no clear end in sight, we strive to be a force in the music industry for quite some time. Having performed with national acts such as Every Time I Die, Chiodos, The Fall Of Troy, He Is Legend, From First To Last, and Scary Kids Scaring Kids, we've come to realize that making music and touring the living hell out of it is the only thing any of us want to do. With influences ranging from Elvis Costello and Tom Petty to Motley Crue to Brand New and Taking Back Sunday, the music formed is most certainly unique. While primarily a Rock & Roll outfit, The Natalie Fight also knows that diversity is an important piece to a band's overall sound.


Little Red Corvette

Written By: N. Silverthorn

Yeah! I make moves that make you sick. I make moves that make you move. I make moves that make your body do things you're not supposed to do. We can hang out under covers. Oh Baby all day. And we'll be undiscovered. Oh Baby all night. We'll be away from the world. We'll be away from it all. There's a place to go after the show tonight. And, it'll be a full house if you play your cards right. Have you had a few drinks tonight? 'Cause Baby, you're looking flush. And I didn't want to tell you. And, I know you want to be a pair. I mean fuck yeah. But, I'm not one to rush. I don't know what I've been told. You never slow down, you never grow old. Fuck blood, this heart pumps gold.

Brush Your Teeth, Clear Your Head

Written By: N. Silverthorn/J. Jones

Hello, my name is Nigel. I'm vulnerable and I'm scared. I know that this is forward but, I'm otherwise unprepared. Oh, please hear me out. All I wanna do is stick my tongue in your mouth. Oh please, please, please. I'm new to this town. I'm sinking. I'm sinking. I'm sunk. She thinks I need someone to dance with. Potentially someone to love. I need someone to be below me. And, someone to hold above. You're feeling sour and want to be dead. Eat a few blues. Go to sleep instead. Tigers eat birds, then shit out gloves. All about sweating and nill about love. Nigel, just shut up and calm down and swallow these God damned pills. You're ranting and rambling. You need to go to bed. You frayed me edges and you fucked my head. Please, please, please. Just settle down. I'm sinking. I'm sinking. I'm sunk. The clock is ticking. Your time's running out. If you try to stop it, you'll just stop yourself. And, what you don't know, you'll figure it out. When you dance Death's dance with the mouth. My friends are all dead. Your friends are all dead. Your parents, your cousins. Dead! Dead! Dead! And you're dying too. And I'm just like you. I'm just trying to show you what these lungs can do. So, if you're feeling sour and want to be dead, put your together. That'll clear your head.


2003 - Murder in the Streets of St. Petersburg
2005 - You Can't Float on Relationships
2007 - (Seeking Release) Get Tired

Set List

Typically, our set would consist of 7-8 songs off of our upcoming record as well as 1-2 off of previous releases. However, if requested, we can do up to one hour of original material on any given night.