The Natalie Fight

The Natalie Fight


Rock & Roll. Period.


Hailing from the crotch of your right hand, The Natalie Fight is a full on five piece Rock & Roll band ready to take on the world. With three eastern tours and one west coast tour already under their belts (as well as five different vans), The Natalie Fight has had their taste of the road. The taste has lead to a great love for touring. With no end in sight, they plan on hitting the road as much as possible in the coming months and years.


2003-Murder in the Streets of St. Petersburg.
2005-You Can't Float on Relationships.
2007-(awaiting release)Get Tired.

Set List

We can do up to an hour of original music drawing from all three of our releases. Our current normal set-list is primarily 7-8 songs off of our upcoming album and 1-2 from previous releases.