The Nathan Farrow Band

The Nathan Farrow Band


Real country music the way it's supposed to be. Nathan's music will take you from the Outlaw's of the 70's and 80's to the mainstream music of today.


From the time he was old enought to walk Nathan was singing and playing music. Raised in the small town of Ringgold Georgia, just outside of Chattanooga TN, Nathan was exposed to music at an early age. Nathan recalls when he first remembers the joys of live music. "When i was around 5 my grandparents would take me to my uncles old Chicken House that he converted into a place where people would gather for jam sessions. I would sit up on the stage and play my plastic guitar all night". As Nathan grew older music took a backseat to sports. It was during his Day's at Ringgold High School Nathan's intrest in music would come back around. At the age of 15 Nathan's mother bought him his first guitar and he began to learn a few chords on the guitar. By the time he was 16 he was the front man for a local band that was playing over 100 shows a year in local and regional venues. It was during this time Nathan started writing his own songs and adding them to the set list. After graduating high school Nathan began a career as a Firefighter. It was at this point music once again took a back seat. Over the next few years Nathan balanced playing the occasional gig along with raising a family and maintaining his career as a Firefighter. In 2005 Nathan was introduced to a local performer Davey Smith, after a few weeks of playing some small gigs Davey encouraged Nathan to go after it full time. Today Nathan can be found playing all over Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. Nathan's crowds have grown from a few people in a small bar to record breaking crowds at many venues. A mix of outlaw country with the mainstream music of today, Nathan's music will keep you coming back for more

Set List

Anything from Steve Earle to Prince the band can cover what you want to hear. Typical set's with the band are 45-50 mintues with breaks in between each set. Nathan's acoustic shows usually have 3-4 hours of music with very few if any breaks. Nathan's song list has over 300 songs both cover's and originals.