The Nationals

The Nationals


For over 20 years, the sensual allure of Brian Cober’s “Double Slide Guitar” has exorcized every blues venue from New Orleans to the North West Territories.


Deeply set in the tradition of Mississippi Delta blues, The Nationals have adapted to the modern Chicago stylings and conjured up the best of both worlds.

Founded in 1986, The Nationals have crafted four albums and toured across Europe and North America with weekly gigs in Toronto’s home of the Blues – Grossman’s Tavern.

Working alongside Blues greats Chuck Berry, Bo Bo Jenkins, Johnny Winter, James Cotton, and Bo Diddley, Brian Cober recalls, "Our musical vision was very different from the people we were backing up. We knew we had something special.” Brian’s "Double Slide Guitar" system features a modified steel guitar bar in his left hand and a smaller slide on his left thumb. Using the two slides together, he creates a unique, playfully eccentric rhythm driven blues-rock.

The Nationals’ lead vocalist and double-slide guitarist Brian Cover has broken through more confines than Houdini.


Double Slide - 2001 (re-released 2007)
Piece of Wood
Blue Howl

Set List

Set List:
1 Lay It On
2 I Had A Dream
3 Only the Lonely Knows
4 Not An Ordinary Man
5 Don't Know What You Got
6 Better Get Ready
7 Pound 'O Pain
8 Nowhere Left to Ride
9 Listen Up
10 Kensington Kat

30 Min - 1 Hr

Sweet Home Chicago- Robert Johnson
The Sky Is Crying- Elmore James