The Native Alien Tribe
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The Native Alien Tribe

Mineola, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Mineola, New York, United States
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Alternative Hip Hop




"Welcome to The Movement- The Native Alien Tribe"

Welcome to a musical Universe where word is truth and vibrations are a catalyst for change. The Native Alien Tribe's monumental EP, The Movement, takes us on a journey in which we explore what it means to experience, contemplate, and recognize through musical connection. If your ears are seeking something real and original than this is no doubt the album for you. Their sound is vast and intricate, infused with elements of hip hop, funk, rock, metal, and reggae. Organic grooves, daedal beats, and resonating riffs conjure physical and mental momentum. With mastery and intensity, these guys deliver a listening experience that is both raw and profound.
Lead vocalist and percussionist Timothy Mission proves to be a voice of our time, a true poet of the people. He speaks with sincerity and sophistication, compelling us to question and cultivate our perspective. His kinetic lyrics stimulate the mind, while the band's dynamic sound invokes the collision of molecules. Bass player, Mike Lynch, drives the low end with a dimensional style that is ferocious, yet melodic. Drummer Rob Ciulla sets the tempo with slick and artful dexterity. The sounds of the guitar surge strong and flow etheral, leading us along a path strange and distant, yet familiar to us all.
The EP's opening track "Stonehenge Flow" is an upbeat anthem, a chronicle of the band's musical mission. The N.A.T. really "hit the ground running" with this groove rich tune, drawing you in from the very first verse. You can't help but move on this one. "Lost Generation" kicks it up a notch with its politically charged and socially conscious lyrics. Rising verses build with anticipation to an intense and electric chorus. It feels like a call to attention. "The Movement", the album's title and final track, is a musical ode to our humanity and the tribulation of life. Mission sings, "Recognize that we are all here one and the same....Open your heart and keep your soul with the movement". A call to higher consciousness through creativity, connection, and love.
From start to finish, The Movement is a feast for the ears in both uniqueness and depth. This is one of those albums that will never leave your player. Provocative. Refreshing. Heartfelt. The Native Alien Tribe delivers a true musical gem. Keep your ears and eyes open for more from these guys, I'm sure this is only the beginning for this talented and ecclectic group of musicians.

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"Featured Artist The Native Alien Tribe"

Thanks to an aggressive rap/rock sound, NYC's The Native Alien Tribe are showing signs that they're ready to turn some heads on the national scene. With a deep bass line and an addictive rhythm supported by some inciting lyrics, "Lost Generation" is a perfect dose of rock and attitude.


"The Native Alien Tribe"

Lead vocalist: Timothy Almeida, Guitarist: Harry Corradi, Percussionist: Rob Cuilla, Bassist: Michael Lynch

Westfall Recording Company in NY is promoting The Native Alien Tribe also known as the N.A.T. Having been together since November of 2009, the boys all bring something fresh and individual into their music, it is an inspiration. “Combining old school funk Rhythms with new school Alternative melodies, mixed with powerful lyrical content and delivery.” Their involvement together is unique; by producing different ideas, they are able to combine their experiences, resulting in a explosion of feeling that will have your head nodding in agreement. Bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers and Lincoln Park with a little dash of dubs-step helps structure their individuality.

Harry and Rob are the youngest in the group, while Tim and Mike are in there 30s. This explains there intense sound and gives them a broad range of people to share there messages with. As a result to there age differences they are able to share and learn from each other everyday. Making their music more passionate and personal with each new song. Harry the lead guitarist said “If you went within each of us individually, you’d see that we are all completely different and that’s why we are capable of making a powerful statement for our listeners”. Rob the drummer shared how music impacted him and his personal goal. “When I was younger, music used to help me get through a rough day, and that’s what I want to give to our listeners.” Mike Lynch is the newest addition to the group thanks to Anthony and Ray the Producers. His funky, rhythmic base lines bring heat and groove to the band. Tim explained, “The first night they all played together it was as if they had all known each other all along. Music is really a universal language.”


This unique group of guys want to be recognized as Leaders, that is their goal. To change material into substance, resulting in a powerful voice that can speak to various groups of people. Tim, lead vocalist, explained that there is no right or wrong way to do something. He believes that you should make choices that are comfortable to you. If you mess up keep pushing and learn from your mistakes. Tim further explained that you shouldn’t be afraid of being yourself, because that will only trap you in a “prison”. Simply just be your self, who’s to decide what’s normal?

The band expressed that music should not only be considered a sound, it should also be considered an emotion. Its not only used when we’re happy but also when we’re sad, frustrated, and excited. It is in every person, and in some cases (such as theirs), it’s your identity. Without a doubt this hard working “Tribe” will reveal the truth in the world as they prepare to concur every obstacle with they’re lively, captivating, and sincere music.

Their positive message for the world: “Be yourself and follow your dreams. Don’t let anyone stand in your way, and don’t let fear run your life.”
- KushMagazine


Still working on that hot first release.



The Native Alien Tribe is a 4 piece collective from New York, comprised of lead vocalist Timothy "Mission" Almeida, percussionist Rob Ciulla, guitarist Harry Corradi and bassist Michael Lynch. Founded in November of 2009, the group is a powerhouse of all things great in music. Combining old school funk rhythms with new school Alternative melodies, mixed with potent lyrical content and delivery, The N.A.T. is a rebirth for a sometimes-stagnant musical landscape. They stay true to form with a sound as impressionable as bands such as Linkin Park, Rage Against The Machine, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and blend there own unique tastes for Hip-Hop, Rock, Alternative, Heavy Metal, Jazz, Dub-Step and Punk to bring results designed to hit hard. With an unbelievably solid rhythm section, the Native Alien Tribe is set to create a true movement and musical vibration that will undoubtedly resonate with free spirits, thinkers, lovers, and warriors alike.
As things so rapidly change in the world, The N.A.T. sound could not have arrived at a more perfect time. Their ingenuity and forward thinking allows them to be the next big thing, while staying completely in the present marketing landscape. The Tribe is poised to kick down doors with their energetic, passionate, and honest feel. We hope you enjoy, and welcome to The Tribe.

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