The Nat'l Parks

The Nat'l Parks


Rock, Soul, Jazz, Funk, FOLK, AMBIENT, Blues, Bluegrass and Broadway!


The Nat'l Parks - featuring Eric Bell and Josh Glenn - came into being during the early part of 2012, and spend a majority of their time in/around San Antonio, Texas. Their music combines elements of Classical, Jazz, Folk, Rock and Electronica into highly intoxicating, toe-tapping, hand-clapping, ass slapping aural cocktail. When they walk on stage - or into the studio - they have absolutely no idea of what they're going to play, or for how long... In that spirit, they're currently in the process of mixing a studio album with musical superhero, Mr. Marcus Rubio. This album, affectionately known as their 'Hit Single', will consist of a lone, 45 minute, spontaneously composed opus. In short, they thrive by taking creative risks... Each performance is unique.


And Recreation - EP - 2012

Set List

Each set is unique. We have a catalog of around 30 original compositions and 10 covers, and arrange them depending on a variety of factors, including: venue, audience type, acoustics, time of day, current events, requests, etc.