The Naturals

The Naturals


"With a raw, vicious punky dynamic and a hugely energetic lead singer who looked like he could do with a good dose of Ritalin to calm him down, the band created an expansive soundscape which put thoughts of Weller, the Jam, Editors and Dream Academy in mind."


Since their formation in a musty loft mid 2004, The Naturals have come a long way. From producing their debut; "The Robot EP" after joining the Bristol based REMIX Music Mentoring scheme, to slowly progressing through the stages of musicianship that every other developing band must go through while retaining their individuality along the way. Now three years on, a successful second release in the form of "The Anticipation EP" and have played over 80 gigs around the South West.
The band just keep on keeping on in the midst of exams and new laws passed effectively preventing younger bands from playing in their area.
Now after rejecting offers from London to release future material, setting up the soon to be legendary Buy Our Records label and armed with a more forward thinking, progressive sound and a new drive to be more than just another young band out for quick success, pulling influence from everyone from Biffy Clyro to Blur and anything else you could ever care to mention, we find Felix, Ky, Harry and Rob growing in musical maturity, ready to take on anything that comes their way with positive anticipation.


The Anticipation EP

Set List

Number Ten
Silent Riot
Concrete Sea
Counter Respond