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Usually, when an explosive substance is found in one of the 50 states, it lights up a few bars on the terrorist threat scale. But 20-year-old T.N.T.'s highly explosive talent is more of a threat to the music industry.

Rekindling the Hip Hop scene in Seattle and using his father's death as a fuse to leave his mark in the game, the laidback MC is armed with a highly active demo. On tracks like "Ain't Me," he expresses what separates him from them other busters, spitting, "It's about realness/It's not about who I'm better than/Got to be smart, making every move with intelligence."

The Natural Truth also catches wreck on "Same Ol' Love," where he sends a kite out to those he lost in the struggle. Bringing no gimmicks but relying on his storytelling abilities, T.N.T. then gets political on "Break Me Down," rhyming, "Battling all of these rappers is a waste of my time/I'd rather battle America for every hate crime...Instead of solving murders, they busting somebody for weed."

This kid won't be silence and is about to explode, so the industry better get prepared.

-John "Yoshi" Azille
The Source Magazine - The Source Magazine


Truth Be Told - LP - March, 2006.
Street Etiquette Mixtape Vol. I
Street Etiquette Mixtape Vol. II
Street Etiquette Mixtape Vol. III
A Generation Of Empowerment - LP - TBA
The Connect - Street Etiquette Compilation - TBA



Born in Seattle and raised in the Southside of Chicago, The Natural Truth, born Darryl L. King Jr., grew up embracing the knowledge derived from the struggles of young revolutionaries before him. Faced with the untimely passing away of his father, Darryl moved to the Westside of Seattle with his family and began expressing himself through Hip Hop music at the young age of four. Over the years, he rapidly sharpened his skills and developed not only his lyrical talent, but his social awareness. Consistently hard hitting punch-lines, meaningful content and a smooth natural delivery quickly earned him a reputable title “The Natural Truth”.

In December of 2005, The Natural Truth revealed proof of his talent when he became the first lyrical artist from Seattle to receive the “Unsigned Hype” title in The Source magazine. Produced by up and coming music entrepreneur T.Hewitt, The Natural Truth released his debut album, Truth Be Told in 2006. Saturating both the streets and the mixtape scene, The Natural Truth soon became the talk of the town throughout the Seattle area and Westcoast underground markets. With the momentum of the Street Etiquette movement building up speed, The Natural Truth prepares for his sophomore solo album A Generation of Empowerment with the release of “Filthy”, a catchy swag-filled hood ballad and genuine representation of Northwest Hip Hop culture.