The Nautics

The Nautics

 Medford, Oregon, USA

An echoic sound reminiscent of classic Surf from the 1960s. Young energetic cousins that play like they have been performing for decades. The Nautics are a unique blend of classic Surf Rock and Modern Pop.


Born out of the small coastal town of Medford, Oregon is the surf rock quartet The Nautics. It’s not a coincidence that the four share the last name Seus—they’re all family, and I don’t mean in a “godfather” sort of way. The band has a long history as the guys have known each other since birth and have been playing as a band since before they could multiply. However, they’re nothing like The Partridge Family or The Jackson 5—they’re just a rock band whose members happen to be related.

After cousins Mike and Joe Seus had taken a few music lessons, in guitar and drums respectively, they decided the next step was to form a band. At recess, Joe propositioned his younger brother Matt to join as the bassist and the trio began dreaming of the spotlight and screaming fans. One year later, Paul joined the band to play lead guitar as the youngest member of the group at age eight. Twelve years later the lineup hasn’t changed—Mike sings lead vocals and plays guitar, Paul plays lead guitar and sings backing vocals, Matt plays bass and sings backing vocals, and Joe plays the drums.

While many young boys grow up dreaming of being rock stars, it’s rare that a band can play for twelve years, and record, write and produce a 10-track LP all before the lead guitarist’s 21st birthday. The guys grew up listening to music by The Ventures, The Beatles, and The Stray Cats and so began gravitating to a classic and surf rock style. When they began writing original material, The Nautics, combined their roots in classic and surf rock with modern rock. The result is their 2010 release Black Light Doves.

The record was recorded in Portland, Oregon, just a short drive from their hometown of Medford. The album reflects both the band’s history and their dreams of the future. Joe's splashy drum beats, Matt's propulsive bass lines, Paul's resounding guitar tones, and Mike's vivid lyrics give their first studio album an exciting and pelagic tone.

The inspiration for Black Light Doves spawns from topics as everyday as women, parties, and summertime to those as thought-provoking as insomnia, film, and nostalgia. They chose the title Black Light Doves before the title track was even written. The song opens with a heavy drumbeat and early-Beatles-esque guitar tones. Their goal was to capture the sensation of running through a dark hallway in the middle of the night. This track set the mood for the rest of the record.

“Save Your Money,” the second track on Black Light Doves, was written to be the single of the record. Mike sat down with a box of Mike and Ikes and scribbled out the lyrics in 5 minutes. The result has hints of early Elvis and the soundtrack from “That Thing You Do.” The band hoped with this song they could reach a wider audience with the theme of falling in love in everyday circumstance.


Save Your Money

Written By: Mike Seus

She laughs at a joke told by your friend
Something has changed though you don’t know when
It’s then that you realize 'man I love this girl'

Randomly one night you were bored
So you make a midnight run to the store
Suddenly you realize 'man I love this girl'

Why try to hide it deny it when you know that it’s true
The only thing you can think about is does she feel the same for you
So you save your money for Friday night
For Italian food and the candlelight
Paper plates and small talk 'man I love this girl'

Well you call a cab in the pouring rain
You run for cover as she drives away
It’s then that you realize 'man I love this girl'
It’s then that you realize 'I love her'

Black Light Doves

Written By: Mike Seus

A soft luminescent glow lit your pretty face from the enter sign
I didn’t really know what to expect until you told the girls you were mine
Felt you slide underneath my coat as we were walking through that line
It was one of those cold winter nights the kind you catch once in your life

Baby would you make me the happiest man as the Ferris wheel broke down
Sitting at the top we slowly digressed laughing at the people buzzing around
I didn’t catch an answer from you then and two years later woke up in a different town
I had her I saw her I loved her I need her but where is she now

Woke up in the middle of the night and scurried across a cold wood floor
Walking down the hall caressing the wall trying to find the grip of the bedroom door
I splashed some water in my face and upon my disgrace my reflection wore a frown
I had her I saw her I loved her I need her but where is she now

The Sobbing Truth

Written By: Mike Seus

Don’t look so down my friend
I think I heard some words this morning
That might interest you
It was on a long shot
I was catching the first train home and she was alone
Then continued to tell me the sobbing truth
I heard the whole thing

She said, “ It’s not easy, he won’t believe me
You don’t know that darling, no you don’t know that sweetheart”
She said it was over before it was over
Since then I have only seen her cry for you

Don’t waste another minute at this hotel bar
Trying to find someone else that you can blame
Staring down an empty bottle trying to find a name
You got so many places to be and people to see
And as I recall you got to catch your self a train

Mood Ring

Written By: Mike Seus

Addiction to a passing dream that’s all that’s in her eyes
When you think you’ve lost your flair
Apathy and happiness they suddenly combine
When you know that you should care

You run it over in your head the things you wish she would have said
You’re waiting, the shadows on the wall
You’re world is gone if not for her your pessimism has a cure
You love her so you tell her

You are a pretty little girl in ugly little world aren’t you
You are some pretty little doll in a world that’s hit the wall aren’t you

Inflection doesn’t matter when she’s always on your mind
You can hear it in your foot steps
Watching Casablanca while you try to battle time
You are drowning in her incense

Walking through familiar haunts you see her in a restaurant
She’s waiting a flower on the wall
Looking through a window pane a statue frozen in the rain
You need her and still you’ll leave her

You are a pretty little girl in ugly little world aren’t you
You are a pretty little dame in a world that’s got no shame aren’t you

Oh you wonder what to say
She gave up on you last week anyway

You are a pretty little girl in ugly little world aren’t you


Black Light Doves (2010)

Set List

45 Min.

1. Black Light Doves
2. Save Your Money
3. Sweetheart with the Strawberry Hair
4. R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.
5. Brenn
6. Mood Ring
7. Do You Want The Girl
8. Sleepwalk
9. Quarterlife Crisis
10. Be The Dagger In My Side
11. Irma
12. Nicole