The Naysayers

The Naysayers


The Naysayers is an indie rock duo from Chicago who thinks less is more. Solid grooves back expressive guitar and sweet n salty vocals. MySpace URL:


Monica Kendrick of the Chicago Reader says it best, "In 2004 local drummer Jim Gifford tried to collect back rent on a rehearsal space from a tenant named Tiffany Danielle, a singer-guitarist whose band had just broken up. They began playing together soon thereafter as The Naysayers, and have been gigging regularly over the past year. The two songs they have online are very promising: while Danielle's voice can preen into late Bangles territory on occasion, her guitar playing - which sounds spurred and pushed by Gifford - provides a tough background to shade her pop instincts. The band recently recorded an EP (with Brian Deck) due sometime in early 2006."


1. "the one", 2005
2. "see saw", 2005

Set List

The One, Bittersweet, Decades, Don't Stop, See Saw, Pioneer X, Through, Drown, Hey Boy, She Machine, Chaos Girl