The Nearly Normal

The Nearly Normal


The Nearly Normal is an energetic 7-piece band hailing from BOSTON, specializing in funky jam rock with a twist of everything! A sure fire way to dance the night away to insatiable beats wrapped into beautifully crafted songs arranged collaboratively.


The Nearly Normal is genuine. We are real people. Born over the last two years, and three-thousand miles. From Maine, to Texas this path was wrought by the belief we share in the power of music. From the start we've been putting together an image. Not a glossy paper print up picture, but a three-dimensional representation of ourselves in our music. From the words we write, to the notes that are played.. we see that as an echo of our individual parts, forming together the sum of which, is The Nearly Normal. We've found that each instrument, and voice has something to say and when that is passed amongst seven friends who share the same intensity-- it moves us. Hopefully, you too. As the rays of the sun melt our notes to the gravel below, we walk what we know. Truly free within the realm of song, we are but sorcerers of sound and a servant by her hand. Take a listen. We hope you enjoy what you hear.



Written By: Music &Lyrics: M. Stone; Lyrics: M. Pageau

Sinsemilla, come sit beside
listen closely to what I tell and Kind-
ly shed a branch for I
will surely take a little piece
for the troubles I have seen them.

Sinsemellia, speak softly to
tell me stories of your past and I will too.
Tell you tales of I,
for a moment everlasting
like a fog out on the water.

Aqua flows
in overtones
which may
arouse my mind.
To swim
beyond the currents
where the other
people ride.
Seriously consciousness
vibration through your soul
teary eyes weather needs
migration from the old.

Sinsemilla, me by and by
raise up higher than the birds will ever fly
and dance upon the clouds
leaving all your cares behind you
where's reality in dreamland?

Breathing In Space

Written By: Music: J. Pageau; Lyrics: M.Pageau

It's vivid as essence rolling onward.
Convalescing controlling everything around.
Contrary extraordinary scales of abstract inches
in time's oxygen and when I breath it stings.

And royal blue explodes when intermission plays.
Makes blind the only light my unsubconcious saves.
Half-baked ideas develop faster than I comprehend
my actions like a memory slowly fade away.

The state of mind which we call insanity
is found in a far off land called reality.
Inhabited by a morbidly beautiful
species of thoughts too tangent to be felt.


In the sea of my survival
In the sea of my survival
In the sea of my survival
In the sea of my survival

In the sea of my survival
In the sea of my survival
In the sea of my survival
In the sea of my survival

Beautifull Illusion

Written By: Music & Lyrics: K. Dennett

Somewhere in Dreams
lies a place of beautiful illusion,
and everything seems
just as it should.

But locked deep away,
in the deepest subconscious,
is a miserable place
filled with confusion.

But what can you say
when you feel this way?
never coming to a conclusion.

I could use a little help from you now.
Can't you see?
I'm totally lost on what to do now.

Now in some other land
cloud people are dancing
to the magic that plays beneath the hill.

In the fog and the lights
the colors are swirling
to see the sights in such a village.


Set Free

Written By: Music: J. Pageau; Lyrics: M. Pageau

There's this uncontrollable force about to take over.
Take over your mind, your body, and your soul.
When you feel it start to come for you sense tells you to run,
but something deep inside of you says to let go.


That's when you can't stop it, you don't want to stop it now.
And all you can do is trust in the truth, believe it'll set you free.
Believe in yourself you ain't got no one else you can be what you want to be.
That's when you can't stop it, you don't want to stop it now.
And all you can do is trust in the truth, believe it'll set you free.
Set you free, set you free.

Spectrum change kaleidoscoping, mirrored depths have uncovered
fathomed dreams beyond our knowing, intensify soul.
Dangling farther than life can change you, reaching beyond all reason.
Destiny envelopes about your mind and never lets go.


Set me free. Free, set me free


We completed our first studio effort titled "Set Free The EP." This project is wholly self-contained within the band and consists of 4 original songs.

Set List

The Nearly Normal can range from a powerful 30 minute set to a 4 hour deep exploration into the depths of their souls.

Covers are not the main focus of the band but when played, they could range from the Beatles to Rage Against the Machine. The beauty of THE NEARLY NORMAL is how diverse the band is. No 2 songs ever sound the same.