The Needles

The Needles

 Norman, Oklahoma, USA

The Needles are a high octane blend of blues, punk, and hard hitting rock n' roll. Coming out of Norman, Oklahoma like a steam roller on crack, they're guaranteed to leave you bleeding better than a shotgun lobotomy. They know where the bodies are buried, and they aren't telling anyone.


Katie, Rhett, and Ben met in line for the log ride in the seventh circle of hell. As you can imagine, the log ride is quite a popular there, and they had a long wait in front of them. So they picked up some instruments and they started playing songs, broadcasting them to the masses through a sharpened spoon they shoved through to the surface with an extra large pixie stick and copious amounts of duct tape. It's the beat in the back of your head when you can't sleep, it's the soundtrack to all the gutters, and it's louder than the down bound train. And the three amigos pound the ground every night, still waiting to hit the water in that wooden flume.


Real Live Needles - April 2011