The Neglected Eclectics

The Neglected Eclectics


Nancy and Lee if they came from the Appalachian Mountains


afternoons on the verandah, unspoken regrets, the wailing wind, your aunt and uncle dancing in the kitchen, the shadow of the gallows pole, the ribbons on the picket fence, the sneer of the crow, unexpected smiles and us in howls of laughter



Written By: The Neglected Eclectics

I’ve been waiting,
Waiting for you,
For so long.
The room is warm and dark
Where are you?

When are you coming home?
When are you coming home?

I can’t sleep
Without your arms
Around me.
I try to imagine
That you are here
With me.

When are you coming home?
When are you coming home?

I’ve been waiting
More than a lifetime
For you.
I can feel
That you are near
So close to me.

We are intertwined,
Wherever we go
There’s a light that shines
To guide us home,
To guide us home.

One Word

Written By: Kate Lawrence/ The Neglected Eclectics

Neither of us has spoken.
Neither of us has shown our hand.
We are standing across a divide
Of just one step, just one look, just one breath
Just one word.

Something seductive about this waiting,
Captivated by anticipation,
I am caught and tied to you
Chained to your touch, chained to your look,
Chained to your breath, chained to your word.

And I want to stay here
Poised on the brink –

Can you really say
That you don’t know
All it would take is one look,
Just one one touch, just one breath,
Just one word.

All it would take is one look, one touch,
Just one word from you,
Just one word from you,
Just one word from you,
Just one word
Just one word
Just one word.


Written By: Kate Lawrence/ The Neglected Eclectics

It's very quiet
In the middle of the night
No cars on the street
No one awake but me

I can hear the trees,
And the cat eating
Something it has caught
Outside my window
Sounds carry

I go over and over
The choices that I made
And the path I chose to take
Over and over
Over and over

These nights never end
Stretch like a desert in my head
And just as unfriendly

I give in to grief
Stop fighting the release,
The relief.
How far away is despair?

I go over and over
The things I should have said
And the things I did
And never meant
Over and over
Over and over

It's too late
To change anything,
Must accept what I did
And what you said
I hope it's for the best
And you understand

I never knew how much I loved you
Until you were gone
Did you think the same
As you were going on?

Bale of Final Straws

Written By: Kate Lawrence/ The Neglected Eclectics

You keep handing me straw after straw,
I’ve collected them, become quite an expert.
I think each one is the last but there’s always more –
An endless supply.

There’s a bale of final straws in my living room
The dust gets into everything –
The unread message and the unanswered pone,
And the unmade bed that looks so alone

I amaze myself with my patience,
Or is it just my own laziness?
I have a factory of second chances –
Gave you the key

‘Cause each time I reach the end of my tether
It just gets longer, disappears
Into the disance, Pinochhio rope,
Grown on lies and deluded hope.

I ignored you ignoring me,
I just didn’t want to see.
Colluded in the delusion
I wanted to be true.

The end when it came was sharp and quick,
It was over with just one word.
I was surprised at how fast you crossed the line –
It was a blur

I’ve thrown you out with the final straws
And the endless chances – cleared out my stores.
I’m taking stock, taking back my chances
And using them to make my own luck.

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