The Neighbours

The Neighbours


A contemporary rock sound that tastefully explores the horizons of musical improvization while maintaining a focus on song writing. The result is accessible music that has met high praise from music fans of all sort.


The Neighbours are a band you are sure to hear more from. Their style blends the sound of classic rock with a youthful energy, eager to push musical boundaries. Their ability to tastefully explore the horizons of musical improvisation while also focusing on song writing results in an accessible musical style that is as unique as the members of the band. Based out of Ithaca, NY, their originality thrives from the diversity within their music and their band. With all the members growin up in different parts of the northeast, the band was not formed until meeting at Ithaca College in 2003.

The backbone of the band lies within drummer, Brendan Woodard. At just 16 years old, Brendan joined a professional blues band and has been playing music with various groups ever since. While growing up in the Catskills of New York state, he became friends with Australian-born bassist, Madhava Hansen. Once at Ithaca College, the two friends met their next door neighbour, Tim Kelly. A native of Poughkeepsie, NY, Tim plays guitar for the group. He and Madhava quickly proved to be the prominent song writers and vocalists of the band. The all encompassing sound that the band has created is one capable of touching all of the different emotions. Looking to reach new levels of musical experience, Tim, Brendan, and Madhava sought for new sounds for the band. The perfect compliment was found in keyboardist Peter Joseph, originally from the suburban Boston area. Peter's passion for music combined with his enthusiastic playing style embodies Rock n Roll. Completing the bands sound is the most recent addition to the band, lead guitarist Kurt Krumme. While growing up in Utica, NY, Kurt found music at an early age. At the age of six, he began training in classical guitar, a style he would continue to pursue until he discovered the genius of rock guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix and Jerry Garcia. Things changed for good right then and his distinctive musical style took form. Ever since the fist time they played together, it was clear that Kurt fit right in with the band.

The bands influences are rooted in blues and early Rock n Roll artists such as The Band, The Beatles, Cream, and Taj Mahal, while also clearly reflecting more recent artists such as Alice in Chains, Beck, Cake, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Phish. This unique blend of influences has lead to a contemporary rock sound that has met high praise from music fans of all kinds, spawning a following that continues to grow.



Written By: Madhava Hansen and Peter Joseph

I made my way through the breeze…It blew so softly

The red and yellow leaves stole the chill from my knees

I took a glance to the left…what could it be?

A folded lost identity

She was no enemy...I knew it right away

The sun was in her hair...A flower so I stared

I searched through all her space

It spoke of taste and grace

I found a ticket stub of shows that I learned to love

Lady where you coming from with your boots tied between

Lately I’ve been always wrong thinking I was me

She only wants to paint

I wish it was my fate

To dwell inside of her creative dream

Lady where you coming from with your boots tied between

Lately I’ve been always wrong thinking I was me

Part II

Written By: Tim Kelly

If I called my words would float

like a bottle off of the ocean's coast

I could only hope that they would find their way to you....

One more thing I have to say

I can't be sure of a brighter day

but I wish I had kept my feet inside the door....

I will tell my tale to you, if you promise not to laugh out loud

You will swear it can't be true, but promise not to make a sound

I was out the window

in the air

the grass on the ground

the wind in the trees

I was a reed in the breeze

I was a pharaoh

a healer

a giver

a stealer

I flew in a bird

I bit in a snake

I took my own life for my lover's sake

A Two Piece Puzzle

Written By: Madhava Hansen

Choose your words now and be wise

While the wealth lay in the sun

A sword is brought against you but you know you have none

Make them feel their visions shake

Write it in their heads

Be kind, be gentile, and be safe

Someone behind the curtain scared

I heard a whisper falling dead

His play is coming to an end

His play is coming to an end

They know that we're out here

So dodge the lies and face

The truth is stronger strung out, unwrap it just in case

A dove flies past your window pane

A stone flies through its face

But the guns aren't shooting nothing and who will win the human race

His play is coming to an end

Someone behind the curtain scared

I heard a whisper falling dead

His play is coming to an end

His play is coming to an end


Self-Titled 11 original-track album recorded in May 2006 at Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock, NY - Released November 2006

Set List

A typical setlist is two full sets of mostly original music. With almost 40 original tunes in our repetoire (with names such as: Lunch Break Blues, Stone Feathers, A Two Piece Puzzle, Sex and Gardening, Spear in Life, Gypsum, and Peace Poem), they make up most of our show. We also like to play a few covers per show as well. A few examples are: Ophelia - The Band, Venice Queen - Red Hot Chili Peppers, Life During Wartime - Talking Heads.