The Neon Kingdom

The Neon Kingdom


Glory be to The Neon Kingdom. May it’s music reign supreme throughout all kingdoms on this Earth.


The Neon Kingdom was founded in 2007 by New Yorker Paul Leschen and recent Californian transplant Chris Hall. Paul Leschen is the pianist on Scissor Sisters’ debut album and co-arranger of the famous disco version of Comfortably Numb. Chris Hall once opened a door for Sharon Stone at the Barney’s in Los Angeles.

The music of Neon Kingdom can alternately be described as epic, monumental, over-the-top, but also sensitive and true. But monumental, always. They like to think of themselves as a cross between 70s Glam and 80s Hard Rock, as if it were composed in Sweden alongside Abba and Ace of Base. And Roxette. And Europe.

Through the ages, mankind has been on a musical journey, starting with rocks and skins, and evolving toward pop and auto-tune. The Neon Kingdom is somewhere in between, they try only to use Auto-Tune when they want to sound like Cher, who has been around since the very beginning.

Alexandra Vega entered the Kingdom in 2009 along with Danny Stone. Alex is on drums—and she’s fierce. Danny is on bass, and he’s Texan.

Revel in the majesty, and ye shall see—The Neon Kingdom forever shall be.

Set List

Slip O The Tip
Wandering Sailor
White Raven